DOTA 2 Patch 7.29 Released With New Hero And Numerous Changes

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DOTA 2 has received a long-awaited new hero and numerous changes with patch 7.29. However, the character turned out to be not what everyone expected from anime or leaks.

The new hero was given the alias Dawnbreaker and is a melee carry, wielding a hammer. The real name of the fighter is Valora. It is noteworthy that the powerful warrior is very similar to the support Omniknight, but the skills are very different.

Dawnbreaker Abilities:

  • Starbreaker – makes a circular attack three times and deals increased damage to opponents from its attack. The final hit of the series also stuns enemies in front of Valora.
  • Celestial hammer – the heroine throws a hammer at the specified area, damaging all enemies on the way. The weapon remains on the ground for a short time and then returns to its owner, leaving behind a slowing fiery trail. The hammer can be returned earlier.
  • Luminosity is a passive ability. After three consecutive hits, the next one will critically damage an enemy and heal nearby allies for a fraction of the damage dealt.
  • Solar guardian – Ultimate ability. During the action, the hero soars into the sky, moves to the desired ally, and then in the area around it deals damage to opponents and heals friendly heroes. Further landing Valora stuns enemies and deals additional damage.

In addition to Dawnbreaker, the update affected most of the map: the location of the passages and trees was changed, the rune of water was added in the second and fourth minutes of the game in both points of the map. She is able to instantly restore 100 health and 80 mana.

Added the ability to get +2 to all attributes when leveling up, which can be done 7 times in “empty levels”, and outposts now give experience every minute. The runes of wealth have also undergone changes: there are only 2 of them left, they give 10% less gold (except for the first ones) and they appear in forest points. Also, the gold that they provided is now automatically given in the form of every minute earnings.

In addition, large-scale changes were made to the balance of items, abilities of heroes and their talents. These were all major innovations. A complete list is available on the official website.

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