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More about Battlefield 2

The game has six different classes for characters, the choice of which depends on the tactics of the game, the choice of weapons and uniforms. You can be an attack aircraft, grenade launcher, sniper, technician, doctor or machine gunner. What is closer to you, running with a machine gun in a frontal attack or shooting soldiers from afar, treating the wounded or repairing equipment? It’s up to you to choose. But no matter what class you choose, you will not be bored, there is no time to sleep in the war. The battles are very intense and dynamic, and thanks to the good graphics, they are also beautiful. The developers managed to create an interesting and high-quality product.

Why should you torrent download Battlefield 2?

1. There is an opportunity in this military shooter to choose one of three super modern nuclear powers – on which side you will fight – it’s up to you as a player.

2. Completely new vehicles are presented in the game – these are helicopters and airplanes. And also light artillery, but all this can be seen in a three-dimensional image, from this the military gameplay itself has become much more exciting.

3. New weapons systems can be seen in the game, you can attack the opponent like bombs. So it is with homing missiles and rocket launchers.

4. All such new weapons can easily hit any fence – no wall is scary for such a modernized weapon – an accurate hit and you are already on the enemy’s sector.

5. The map can gradually increase depending on the number of your armored military equipment on it. More military transport – the map becomes larger, and then you can see more military bases and objects of your enemy.

6. It has also become possible to play online – now more than fifty players can unite in alliances to oppose the world’s largest countries. The decision can only be made by you as a player – the success of the military campaign will depend here.

How to download Battlefield 2 via torrent and install on your computer?

1) If you want to play a network game then: register an account on, install the game on the slave. We take the keys to the table and install them, if it is correct, then in the plate where the key was entered, the green light turns on that the key is installed, then we close all unnecessary and start the game, log in there, go to the servers and play.
The crack is not sewn in, for the network one it is not needed, since it will not be allowed on the servers because of it.
2) If you want to play without the Internet (with bots) then: install the game, launch it, create an offline account MANAGE ACCOUNTS -> CREATE ACCOUNT -> ACCEPT TERMS -> SINGLEPLAYER -> ACCOUNT NAME -> (YOUR PROFILE) -> CREATE ACCOUNT and play.
Optionally, you can then install the crack.
Unforgettable to perform all actions from the administrator.

Battlefield 2 system requirements

OS: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.1
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.7 GHz or
equivalent in performance
RAM: 512 MB of RAM
Video: 3D Graphics Accelerator with 128
MB VRAM, with support for Pixel Shaders 1.4
Audio: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card

  • Name: Battlefield 2
  • Released: 2005
  • Genre: Shooter, Action, First person shooters, Battlefield, TOP 100
  • Developer: Digital illusions
  • Language: English

Briefly about the game:

Download Battlefield 2 torrent to get acquainted with the direct competitor of the legendary Call of Duty. The opposition of these games has long gone down in history, and none of the games has a decisive advantage, which speaks of the quality of execution. This game will give you the opportunity to participate in the battles of the twenty-first century, while not leaving your home and without risking your life. Is this a tempting offer? You can participate in hundreds of battles with millions of players from different cities and countries. The battles on the servers are no joke, whole armies decide who is stronger, using all sorts of weapons and a variety of equipment.

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Battlefield 2 Trailer and Gameplay

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