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More about FIFA 12

Ball maneuvers pass, player movements across the field – all of this has been raised to an unimaginably high-quality level. Particular emphasis is placed on teamwork, where all players must act harmoniously both offensively and defensively, creating indestructible walls and preventing opponents from breaking through to the goal. There is a career mode in the game built on scenarios taken from real sports life. There are over 500 real licensed clubs here. Choose the one you want to play for and participate in club competitions, earning points.

Why should you torrent download FIFA 12?

* Core Player Impact Engine. It makes it possible to comply with the real laws of physics in the game. Provides many different options for the outcome of player collisions on the field. The fight for the ball has become more natural, and the players recover more easily after minor collisions;

* Pro Player Intelligence system. This artificial intelligence system now deals with the management of the behavior of the players during the match. It enables them to make their own decisions by their own skills and with the characteristics of other team members;

* The Tactical Defending system has radically changed the approach to playing on the defensive: it requires tactical development of actions;

* Precision Dribbling System. Allows you to control the course of the match fully, provides a large amount of time for making informed decisions;

* The reality of trauma. The Player Impact Engine is capable of real-time monitoring of the interaction between players. It analyzes the force of the collision and its impact on the body, making it possible to determine the severity of injuries realistically. Now the gamer will have to deal with new types of damage, as well as assess the degree of risk of serious injury if the player sent to the field is not completely healed;

* New look. Improved lighting, realistic stands, new camera position, make the game look like the broadcast of a real match, and each entrance to the field is special;

* Simplified navigation. Thanks to the new menu system, navigation has become much faster and easier;

* The credibility of the game. FIFA 12 features over 500 licensed clubs and 15,000 players.

How to download FIFA 12 via torrent and install on a computer?

Install and play.

  • Name: FIFA 12
  • Released: 2011
  • Genre: Spritivny, Simulators
  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Language: English

Briefly about the game:

The FIFA series of games has always been wildly popular, and from year to year, its capabilities and quality only increase. A striking example is the game FIFA 12. You can download the torrent at the specified link. It was made on the new advanced Player Impact Engine, on which the developers have been working for a very long time. And their efforts were fully justified because the game turned out to be unusually realistic in everything related to graphics, physics, and controls. Now you will see the most real clashes of players on the field, after which the athletes need a little recovery.

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FIFA 12 Trailer and Gameplay

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