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Description of the game

The insane personality destroying everyone in its path is back in business. This time, the representative of the bloody dimension is destined to penetrate into reality, take a deadly weapon in his hands, and then administer justice that he considers legendary and just.

The impeccable arsenal allows you to choose everything for yourself, including small pistols and machine guns, and ending with six charging shotguns and other dangerous barrels. All the obstacles set will necessarily be destroyed, and each mission is passable with a large number of deaths and corpses of innocent individuals. Try to pass the tests without bloodshed on your part, because after losing one round, the mission is considered failed, and you need to start from scratch and from the very first battle.

Having received all the rights to crazy adventures, where you can kill opponents, harm others and not be afraid of the consequences at all – this is a certain adrenaline and a crazy adventure story. Overly is trying to improve the new reality, share with unpredictable stories, but at the same time, hiding his face under a mask, crumble all the individuals who have fallen under the hot hand and try not to fall into the trap of criminals.

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Platform: PC
Release date: 2019
Genre: FPS
Developer: Overkill Software
Publisher / distributor: Overkill Software

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