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Description of the game

The confrontation between the universes is inevitable. At the beginning of the action, you need to choose for yourself one of the three classes, to which you will sacrifice yourself. Who are the main characters of this battle? Of course, first of all, it will not do without the legendary Terminators, those who eventually turn into rare warriors, but they will never weaken. It will be possible to download the game Space Hulk Tactics by torrent this 2018.

The second, less well-known, but quite strong is the modern Space Marines squad, which previously destroyed banal opponents, and then implemented their own plans. But the last, most unknown and little-known deadly clan is Genestealer, those who, thanks to their own intellect, are ready to crush walls, destroy large heaps of enemies, and at the same time turn into their likeness. Bloody blood quickly enough turns into a serious weapon that you will use.

The player is given the chance to independently choose one of two campaigns, where the plot unfolds in several scenarios, the main thing is that the actions must be liked, were with moral principles and moral principles. If you don’t like one from many cards, why not start creating a new universe with unpredictable moments and alternative life on your own.

Space Hulk Tactics is a competitive turn-based tactical series where you will fight many criminals, be able to test your strength in banal battles, and in the end you will find yourself drawn into an interethnic conflict with a terrifying ending. By creating a small map, you are getting closer to solving many problems, where you decide everything yourself and try to build your destiny.

You can control the fight, before the start of the competition, be sure to select all suitable options that allow you to realize unpredictable plans. Each battle consists of a confrontation between several hostile organizations, each of which strives for success. Having mastered special abilities, endowing himself with invulnerability and other talents, a person will have to face legendary monsters.

The game itself is built on the rules of an interesting board game, has many overlaps, which is why it is so interesting. Two players will never be able to end a game with an identical ending, as they are all quite different, as the storyline shows.

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Year of issue: 2018
Genre: Strategy, Real-time, Turn-based, Tactical
Publication type: RePack
Platform: PC
Interface language: Russian, English, MULTi14
Voice language: English
Medicine: Sewn in (HOODLUM)

Minimum system requirements:
Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core i3-3220
Video card: GTX 660
Hard Disk Space: 5GB

Repack features:
»Based on the release from HOODLUM
»Nothing cut / Nothing recoded
“Game archives not opened
“Installation time 2 minutes on the HDD (Depends on the computer)
Repack by xatab
“Compressed using the XTool library from Razor12911

Trailer and gameplay for the game

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