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1255 Download TERA: The Next for PC

More about the game TERA: The Next

You can choose your hero from seven races and eight classes not tied to them. This gives you complete freedom to create and develop your unique character because you can make many combinations. And you will have to test the skills of your hero in fierce battles. The new combat system “Non-target” makes the battles unforgettable and very colorful. Their outcome will largely depend on the skill of the player and his correct thoughtful actions. You can control not only using a keyboard and a computer mouse but also using a gamepad. Take advantage of this.

How to download TERA: The Next via torrent and install it on your computer?

1. Register an account on the game website
2. Run launcher.exe from Destiny / Launcher folder
3. Enter your username and password
4. Click “Play.”

  • Name: TERA: The Next
  • Released: 2015
  • Genre: RPG, Adventures, Action
  • Developer: Bluehole studio
  • Language: English

Briefly about the game:

All fans of the “TERA” game series should also like the new game in this line called TERA: The Next, which you can download a torrent of absolutely free. The game was released by the Korean studio “Bluehole” and combines the features of several genres at once: adventure, action, and MMORPG. Here you find yourself in the fantastic world of Shara and Arun’s continents formed a hundred centuries ago. It’s nice to explore this colorful world up and down, but it just won’t work. You will have to participate in epic battles with monsters and other players and complete story tasks.

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TERA: The Next Trailer and Gameplay

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