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Description of the game

The Sapling is an amazing simulator that provides a lot of opportunities for the creation and development of an entire world. You have to take care of the evolution of all animals and plants living in this area. Soon you will be able to see the result of your efforts and come up with several other ways for further development.

The game does not provide for a storyline, and you get complete freedom of action. Change the landscape of the territories and select a suitable climate for them, which will ensure the trouble-free existence of most of the flora and fauna. Each of your actions will have certain consequences, so carefully monitor all your actions. Get ready for completely unpredictable results that will not always be favorable.

Learn to quickly correct your mistakes, because evolution cannot be turned back. The unusual gameplay of the project will allow you to demonstrate your entire flight of fantasy, which can be expressed in the most amazing results. Keep a close eye on the world as it gets out of your hands and come up with ways to improve it.

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Year of issue: 2019
Genre: Simulation, Early Access
Developer: Wessel Stoop
Version: v9.25 (Last)
Interface language: English
Tablet: Present

Minimum system requirements:
Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Support SSE2
Video card: DirectX 10 support
Hard Disk Space: 150MB

Trailer and gameplay for the game

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