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Description of the game

WWE 2K22 is a realistic wrestling simulator from the Visual Concepts studio, which develops a series of new numbered parts almost every year with additional content, updated characters and an expanded library of attacking and defensive combinations, skills and techniques.

No plot narration, as before, is provided – the story is presented exclusively within the career mode and only in a superficial format – the developers only periodically talk about how the career of a virtual fighter is developing and what awards and titles the competitors have reached. Despite the problems with the development of history, watching the events take place does not get boring due to the growing intensity of passions, increasing complexity and new challenges that await on the way.

The gameplay in the simulator is in many ways close to real sports, but interspersed with madness, non-standard scenery and training and entertainment modes that elevate the absurdities taking place in the ring to the Absolute. Battles with bare fists, jumps and acrobatic techniques, double lunges and attacking combinations, broken chairs and torn cables – there are hardly any restrictions for fighters who dream of permanently gaining a foothold on a virtual pedestal and overtaking everyone who decided to make at least some competition and prevent you from getting closer to the dream that has appeared. You can download the game WWE 2K22 torrent for free on our website in 2021.

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The developers offer a lot of content: the menu provides a collection of fictional and completely real characters with exclusive characteristics and skills, locations and gladiatorial arenas with objects and tools available for interaction, and also modes for single, co-op and multiplayer research. Competitions in multiplayer are assigned a separate gameplay graph: there are battles without ratings (exclusively for practicing skills and experiments), and tournaments with a virtual prize pool, and lightning-fast matches with invited friends.

There will be no problems with organizing a personal lobby for 4-6 users with the opportunity to perform in pairs in the ring and conduct interesting competitive combinations, where the final result depends on each action. If you have no time to risk your free time, then artificial intelligence will be no less fun company and will allow you to practice, choose new tactics and get one step closer to the championship belt.

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Download WWE 2K22 torrent download for PC Download WWE 2K22 torrent download for PC


Release date: 2021
Genre: sports
Developer: Visual Concepts
Publisher / distributor: 2K Games
Part of series: WWE

Trailer and gameplay for the game

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