Downloading Just Cause Mobile from Square Enix for Android

Just Cause Mobile is available in a trial run on Android in Asia. You can already start playing.

Just Cause Mobile is a mobile action game from Square Enix. Its release was pushed back to 2022, but a regional version has now become available. At the start, we are given a comic-style plot with voiceover. You can complete the tutorial or skip it, and customize the appearance of the hero. From the very first minutes we are allowed to jump from a great height and head towards the ground engulfed in fire.

The gameplay in Just Cause Mobile is a bit like the isometric projects from the Kefir studio. For example, we move through corridor locations and participate in scripted shootouts. There is no auto-control, we aim and run ourselves. It’s cool that they allow you to drive vehicles and crash into enemies, blowing up everything in your path.

Square Enix has also added the Cat Grapple, which allows you to quickly move around and push explosive barrels into groups of enemies. Sometimes they even let you fly in a helicopter and shoot at everything that moves. At the end of the mission, a boss in the face of the same helicopter can be expected. His directed attacks must be constantly evaded. By the way, on some versions of Android the game may not start. We recommend installing Just Cause Mobile on Android 11 or lower.

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