Drawing of 10 sets for MMORPG Allods Online with costumes, subscription and currency

Good day, dear readers of the MMO13 portal! Together with My.Games, we are launching a drawing of 10 collector’s editions, including 5 “Wide Space” and 5 more “Steel Will” for the MMORPG Allods Online. Let’s take a look at what they contain:

  • 5 Wide Range Packs – Lygian Warlord Outfit, Lygian Warlord Cape, 390 Crystals (Premium Currency) and 30 Days Subscription.
  • 5 Steel Will packs – Imperial General costume, Imperial General overcoat, 390 crystals (premium currency) and 30 days subscription.

As in previous draws, to participate you need to be registered on our website and in the comments under this news put “+” (without quotes). A week later, on May 3rd, we will be hosting a livestream on the MMO13 YouTube channel where 10 winners will be randomly selected.

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