Drawing of 10 “Winterdorf dandy” sets for Lost Ark

Good day, dear readers of the portal MMO13. Together with the My.Games company, we are launching a drawing of ten “Fantastic of Winterdorf” sets with valuable items for Lost Ark. Since we have 10 awards, respectively, there will also be ten winners.

Each set contains the following items:

  • Arcane Transfigurator (5 pcs.);
  • Golden manashelk (70 pieces);
  • Universal dye (100 pcs.);
  • Ink for patterns (100 pcs.);
  • Elixir “Bern gloss” (100 pcs.).

To participate in the draw, you need to be registered on our portal, as well as put a “+” in the comments under this news. A week later, on February 7th, we will be streaming live on the MMO13 YouTube channel, where we will randomly select the winners. Good luck!

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