Drawing of three sets of premium currency for Valorant from the MMO13 portal

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Good day, dear readers of the MMO13 portal. We are launching a draw for three in-game currency packs to celebrate the upcoming Episode 3 update in Valorant. Each winner, of whom there will be three, will receive a modest but pleasant gift in the form of 1000 VALORANT Points, for which you can purchase a Battle Pass. To do this, you will need to provide your Riot ID, where they will be credited.

As in all previous draws, in order to participate, you need to fulfill a few simple conditions:

  • Be registered on our website
  • Write “+” (without quotes) in the comments under this news

A week later, on June 16, we will be streaming live on the YouTube channel MMO13, where three lucky people will be randomly selected to receive their prizes.

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