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Drumming event has started in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact players can take part in the Splendid Arataki Grand Drum Festival Limited Time Event until July 4th. It is available after reaching adventure rank 30 and completing the Archon quest “Volume II. Chapter I: The Unchanging God and the Eternal Utopia.

During the event, players will have to play seven melodies on the reels, which are unlocked gradually. Each of them has three difficult levels, and if you pass immediately to a higher one, the rewards for the previous ones will automatically be awarded. To get started, you need to talk to Genta, who is in charge of hosting the Arataki Festival.

Along with the start of the event, a special editor became available in the game, allowing you to create your own scores. There are two modes that differ in complexity and functionality: basic and advanced.

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