DUAL GEAR download torrent For PC

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DUAL GEAR download torrent

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DUAL GEAR download torrent of an absolutely new game, which is a mastodon in the tactical RPG genre. This is an exciting arcade adventure game with a quality storyline and great missions. For many gamers, this game resembles Front Mission, which was released a long time ago on the PlayStation 1 console. Now fans of this toy have the opportunity to play something similar, just as close in spirit and native – DUAL GEAR. What will be your surprise when in the game almost all objects, space stations and even orbits will be identical to those presented in Front Mission.

Story line

It is worth noting that the game is still in early access. Therefore, it does not have as many missions and additional quests as we would like. But they are, and that’s a good thing. The first tasks, traditionally, are training, teaching. And even though the game still has bugs and glitches, the developers are working daily to fix it. As you progress, you will touch several eras and time continuums, visit numerous orbits, space stations, universes. And it’s not limited to just one year. Complete the entire game from 2022 to 2069, but that’s only in the demo. Further, the developers promise to extend the passage and make it at least until the year 2500, the most distant future. During the first years of the single player campaign, you will fight for resources and try to survive on a desert planet. Further, after your troops have already colonized space enough, you will need to start building up, create your own shelter and somehow try to settle down. But at this time, the first terrorists begin to appear in space – real bandits who have no honor and no sense of justice. The player will fight against them and try to destroy them, protecting his army and not letting her offend. Explore a huge world, the whole Universe, with the goal of defeating terrorism. What will happen next in the action-packed story of the story is not yet entirely clear. But, the developers will obviously come up with something and make the game just great. This is judging by the fact that she already has some bids to win. And this is just early access. Download the DUAL GEAR torrent as soon as the game is fully available.

Game process

Let’s talk about the gameplay right away, which is very reminiscent of Front Mission 3. The games are really very similar, which once again proves our assumptions. The graphics in the RPG are beautiful, the detailing is at the highest level. Brightness, shadows, textures – all this is also on top. In general, ARPG fully complies with all modern requirements. The soundtrack in the game is catchy, quite creative and extensive. Sounds are always different and there are apparently a lot of them. They are present every time you complete tasks and at every new location. While there is no full-scale release of this RPG, there is no voice acting, and a full translation of phrases from English into Russian. And there the developers promise us a chic sparkling humor and great lines between terrorists and robots. This is a tactical game, which means that before each new battle, you need to carefully consider the scheme of future battles. There are many locations here, all of them are diverse and open. Explore the maps and find a lot of interesting things there. Found items can be added to inventory.

DUAL GEAR features

  • classic rpg;
  • Science fiction;
  • interesting story;
  • the game is very similar to Front Mission;
  • large-scale locations;
  • a lot of battles;
  • character improvement.

We recommend downloading the DUAL GEAR torrent to anyone who has ever heard of high-quality action RPGs.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64bit)
  • Processor: AMD Phenom II X4
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Video card: GTX 550
  • Hard Disk Memory: 10GB


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