DualSense Wireless Controller for PlayStation 5 Works with Android But Doesn’t Work with PS4

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DualSense works on PC, but with caveats

Sony has not yet officially confirmed the compatibility of the DualSense gamepad with other devices, so users decided to act on their own. So, Austin Evans (Austin Evans) has published on YouTube a video testing the interaction of DualSense with different platforms. It turned out interesting.

DualSense Wireless Controller for PlayStation 5 Works with Android, But Doesn't Work with PS4

Perhaps the most controversial outcome of the test: Sony PlayStation 4 does not work with DualSense. Although the console recognizes the gamepad. But in Android, everything works very well, but this, in general, is not surprising: Android has long been working well with Bluetooth controllers, which is DualSense. So this joystick can be used with both smartphones and tablets.

DualSense is also compatible with a PC, but with some complaints: some keys did not work as they should. So you can’t do without software that allows you to remap keys. At least until Sony announces full DualSense desktop compatibility.

Source: AndroidHeadlines

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