Dummies keep players out of Fallout 76

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Fallout 76 recently released the Locked and Loaded update, which added an extra slot for creating a hideout, dummies and more. Some players who used the dummy found a bug leading to disconnects and further inability to reconnect. Community Manager Devanne McCarthy said the feedback has been noted and the team is currently investigating the issue.

According to users who are faced with this problem, there is a specific algorithm of actions followed by a crash. To do this, they created several dummies in their camp, dressed them in the same clothes, and also added several sets to one dummy, after which a break with the server occurs.

Due to a problem that has arisen, players cannot enter the server with the character on which the bug occurred. And it makes no difference whether they are included in official or private servers. By the way, this error occurs on all platforms.

Another major problem with the patch is that enemies stopped respawning after death, or do not appear at all. With this bug, the game really began to look like a real post-apocalypse, where everything alive and even dead simply disappeared.

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