Dungeon and Puzzles ported to Android

Dungeon and Puzzles has appeared on Google Play. Now you can also go down to the dungeons of the ancient castle.

Dungeon and Puzzles is a pixel project that has finally been ported to Android. Gamers can go up to 22 rooms, after which they have to pay 279 rubles… In fact, we start from the rooms of the castle, gradually sinking into its depths. This affects the difficulty of the monsters and puzzles that must be solved. The fact is that the character moves through the cells until he stumbles upon an obstacle. Because of this, even after defeating the enemy, the level is considered not passed until you reach the exit.

The developers of Dungeon and Puzzles promise 150 handmade rooms. If you like challenges, then try to complete the level in the minimum number of steps. Steam users say it can take about 60 hours to complete 100%. The only drawback is that new game ideas stop appearing at an early stage.

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