Dungeon Farmer: Grow mushrooms and beat forest dwellers

An unusual tower defense, Dungeon Farmer, has appeared on Google Play. In it we grow mushrooms and other plants so that they can fight the forest dwellers. It is not yet clear what exactly the developers were smoking.

Dungeon Farmer is an isometric arcade game where you have to grow flowers, mushrooms and other fantasy creatures. This is necessary for the passage of small dungeons. Imagine a picture: a farmer attacks forest dwellers with mushrooms, while you have a shovel in your hand. The plot is revealed through text dialogues in the “messenger” format.

In addition to battles against forest animals, we will develop a farm and grow resources on it. Also, the developers show a map of the game with many undiscovered territories. To get there, you need fuel (local energy).

By the way, your plant monsters belong to one of five elements, which affects the damage output. But if you are lazy, then in the dungeons you can turn on auto-mode. As for the general sensations, the project seems crude, plus there are few social features in it (only the “friends” tab is visible in the video with the gameplay).

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