Dying Light 2: how to get a shotgun

In Dying Light 2, there is only one firearm that can be overlooked due to inattention. If you do not want to accidentally miss such a rare item, use our instructions for obtaining it.

Alas, there were no pistols and machine guns in the second part of Dying Light: now you have to fight with enemies either in close combat, or by throwing them with spears or firing from a bow. For the latter, there are exploding arrows, but in order to be able to use them, you will first have to invest in upgrades. Oh, and also an automatic crossbow, but about it some other time.

Without a firearm, the arsenal seems primitive, but you do not have to worry about reloading and finding ammo. In Dying Light 2, there is only one weapon for which they would be useful: this is a homemade double-barreled shotgun with the self-explanatory name “boom stick”, which mows down zombies in batches at close range.

Only one firearm for the whole game, but what a! The only pity is that you won’t really fight with him: the strength is only enough for two shots, although there’s nothing to reload it anyway – there’s nowhere to get cartridges. Fortunately, instead of a broken one, you can assemble a new one – if, of course, you have a diagram. But we will also talk about it.

Where to get a shotgun – the only firearm in the game

You can get this special weapon on the second map of the game – in the Center. To do this, you will need to complete certain missions. The shotgun itself can be obtained during the side quest “Renegades» in Central, which becomes available during the main quest «Observatory‘ when they call you. Deal with the renegades and get a shotgun.

As we said, it will only last for two shots – as soon as both charges are fired, the weapon will break, although it would not work to reload it anyway. If you want to shoot further, you will have to assemble a new “boom stick” yourself.

The scheme can be purchased shortly after completing the above quest. They sell it for 400 at the Peacekeeper Floating Fortress, which is located in the Quay on the Center map. Access there will open after the start of the main mission “welcome aboard“. You may also want to use the Exploding Arrow Schematic, which is also sold there.

It is a pity, of course, that such an iconic weapon for shooting zombies as a shotgun is so limited in use here. But on the other hand, the “boom stick” copes with its direct duties perfectly well, ruthlessly turning enemies into bloody lumps. In a game where you constantly have to engage in close combat, the ability to shoot off the head of some especially tenacious reptile is worth a lot.

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