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Dying Light 2: how to get immunity boosters and stay outside longer at night

The character you play as in Dying Light 2 is unfortunate enough to be infected with a zombie virus. Because of the infection, the usual stay in the dark is life-threatening: in such conditions, the body is not able to resist for a long time, and after a rather short timer, death awaits you. Fortunately, there are ways to influence the timer by stimulating immunity to the virus. We will talk about these methods.

At the beginning of the game, it is inconvenient to engage in night outings – in less than five minutes, you will have to run as fast as you can to the nearest safe zone, where UV lamps will help contain the spread of the virus. The duration of sorties can be increased with the help of Immunity Boosters – special items that are not easy to obtain, but useful: they add precious seconds to the timer counting down the remaining time of life in the dark.

There are two types of infection control items – Immune Boosters and UV Mushrooms. Let’s focus on the first ones. The dark time of the day in Dying Light 2 is still more adventurous than in the previous game: there are even places where it is safer to visit at night than during the day, and dangerous Jumpers appear only if your Chase level increases to three. So the night is a great time to go for valuable loot, which means that you will definitely need Immunity Boosters.

How to increase the resistance timer

So, before you go on long night outings, stock up on Immunity Boosters. In addition to them, you can collect UV mushrooms, which are much weaker, but have a similar effect. We recommend that you focus on Amplifiers first of all – the difference in the strength of the effect and its duration is large, and collecting them is not much more difficult than mushrooms.

UV mushrooms are practically useless: these luminous growths add only 30 seconds to the timer, and should only be collected for emergency use or to share with other survivors during any events. For example, you may come across a character who needs a buff, but if you give him a UV mushroom instead, you will receive the same reward.

There are two main ways to extend your night outs: collect Immunity Boosters and look for HM Inhibitors. Inhibitors are stored in special containers scattered throughout the map. If there is such a container near you, you will know about it by a special message from the biomarker, and you can also check their presence nearby using the map.

If you spot an Inhibitor, try to get it: each of them increases the maximum duration of the virus resistance timer. Just a few pieces will allow you to stay out of cover longer, and in this case, every extra second will not be superfluous.

Where to Find Free Immunity Boosters

In addition to the main contents, you will also find immunity boosters in containers with inhibitors. Yes, you can buy them almost everywhere, but why spend money on something that you can get for free? To replenish stocks, check often:

  • Containers with inhibitors. Immunity boosters always appear in them, even if the container has already been opened by you
  • Ambulances
  • Evacuation and military convoys (marked on the map). If you find a convoy, search all the tanks and trucks – there will most likely be an Immunity Booster inside.

When hunting for free Boosters, the fact that they are renewable is especially pleasant: both convoys and containers with inhibitors return to their original state every day, making it possible to visit them on a regular basis and take the contents that have appeared.

There is a military convoy right next to the first settlement available to you, which will be an excellent source of Amplifiers. If there are too many enemies around, you can simply jump from a great height and die – when you respawn and return, all enemies will disappear. This trick will allow you to get Amplifiers without much difficulty.

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