Dying Light 2: how to get the sword of Conan the Barbarian

picture 18 1 Dying Light 2: how to get the sword of Conan the Barbarian

One of the most rewarding activities in games is defeating enemies. Especially if you don’t just win, but effectively chop them into cabbage. In one of the secluded corners of the vast world of Dying Light 2, a weapon that is perfectly suitable for this business has just lurked, with which you can feel like the legendary Conan the barbarian. We tell you where and how to get it.

For more than 30 hours spent in the game, we began to have doubts: have the developers – Techland studio – lost interest in unusual Easter eggs? Still, there was nothing in the previous part – take at least whole levels from Super Mario or Plants Vs. Zombies recreated in the realities of the game. But no, the Easter eggs were in place.

Our first such find was the mighty two-handed sword Barbarian. This formidable weapon, capable of epicly splitting zombies in one blow, suspiciously resembles the famous Atlanta sword, which was wielded by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character Conan the Barbarian in the films of the same name. Do you want it to be yours? Follow our instructions.

Where to find the sword Barbarian (two-handed sword artifact)

So, the Barbarian is an easter egg sword that can be found in an area located near the center of the map, next to its second region. To be more precise, to the left of the Garrison location near the VGM anomaly outside the map. There you will find a building, and in it – a room locked with a VGM lock. Hack it and take the sword that will be waiting for you on the table.

barbarian in person

Among other weapons that can be found in this post-apocalyptic city, the Barbarian looks like a guest from the past. No wonder, because this is not some kind of handicraft collected from trash, but a full-fledged sword, moreover, with a rich history, according to the description.

Sword characteristics

Note: the exact characteristics of the sword in your particular case may differ. The sword we found had the following:

  • Name – Barbarian
  • Type – Artifact Two-Handed Sword
  • Description – “The weapon of kings, the witness of history, the guiding star of knights.”
  • Damage – 115 (chopping)
  • Strength – 210

A closer look shows that the sword does not exactly match the weapons of Conan the Barbarian, but rather is made according to his motives. The Atlas sword had no spikes protruding from the blade, no leather bands on it, and the finish was different. However, the shape of both swords is very similar, and the name “Barbarian” is clearly here for a reason.

Now you can imagine yourself as Conan of our time, just remember that like any other weapon in the game, the Barbarian cannot be repaired, which means that it makes sense to save it for meetings with strong opponents without wasting the resource of the sword on every little thing.

A source: gameranx.com

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