Dying Light – Crossover with Rust and free DLC

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In the zombie action game Dying Light, a crossover event dedicated to the survival simulator Rust has begun. Until April 26, 20:00 Moscow time, players will be able to complete special tasks to receive various rewards. A complete list of goals is below.

common goal

  • Kill bandits (1,000,000).
    • Reward: a receipt for blueprints for various types of C4 elemental explosives.

Local goals

Research orders:

  • Collect trash (30) and plastic tubes (2).
    • Reward: Rust Gold Assault Rifle blueprint.
  • Collect Junk (20) and Nails (10).
    • Reward: Rust Golden Homemade Submachine Gun Blueprint.
  • Collect Junk (10) and Tins (5).
    • Reward: Gold Reforged Rust Cleaver blueprint.

Raid Orders:

  • Raid the Rais Bandit Outpost in the Slums.
    • Reward: “Elemental Explosives C4” set.
  • Raid the Rais Bandit Outpost in the Old City.
    • Reward: “Elemental Explosives C4” set.

In addition, a free DLC for Dying Light is now available on the Steam store, featuring Rust-themed items. The contents of the set are as follows:

  • Heavy Armor Outfit
  • Rusty Bucket Machine Skin
  • Reforged Cleaver Hatchet
  • Homemade submachine gun
  • Rusty assault rifle

The event is currently running on PC only, and will begin on consoles in mid-May.

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