Dying Light: secrets and easter eggs

picture 117 Dying Light: secrets and easter eggs

In Dying Light, you play as Kyle Crane, an operative of the WGM, an organization that wants to find a cure for the virus that caused the zombie apocalypse in the city of Harran. In career mode, you can freely explore the city and its secrets, some of which are hidden quite well, but worth finding. Easter eggs from the developers lurk in different parts of the map, and this encourages you to explore the area, because Easter eggs are interactive, and some of them even offer a reward for discovery. We present you a list of local attractions.

Reference to Super Mario

After gaining access to the Old City, head to the lower left side of the map near the edge of the game world. There will be several closely spaced buildings, and on the roof of the L-shaped one, you will find a chimney, and inside it is a green-colored chimney.

Press the interact button and Crane will press the pipe, which will open up a level called World 1-1, which you can play. Hidden in this level is the “Pyzy Suit”, which allows you to fly over rooftops like a flying squirrel. To get it, you need to hit your head on an invisible pink cube, and then climb on it – there the costume drawing will lie.

Easter egg with a guitar

Guitar in Crane

Here’s a fun Easter egg. Going into the tower, and then into Crane’s room, you can find a guitar leaning against the wall. If you press the interaction button, Crane will play a tune on it.

Guitar Tutorial

The repertoire is small – the simplest melodies. However, during the mission at the school where you infiltrate the school to steal bombs from Rais’s men, a locker can be found containing another guitar and a tutorial on how to play it. Take it, and when you return to the tower, try interacting with the guitar again. Crane will now perform a longer track.

Photos zombies

Photos zombies

In career mode, a note board can be found in Crane’s room. When encountering new types of zombies, Crane will hang pictures of them on it, accompanied by a short description. As the story progresses, other objects related to certain moments of it will appear in the room.

Secret SHIZAbomb

Checkers with a stranger

Another fun interactive easter egg, but this time you’re not playing the guitar, but checkers with a mysterious stranger. Climb to the roof of the tower and go around it in a circle. One of the walls will have a canopy, and under it there will be a table with a checkerboard.

The board can be interacted with once a day, and when you return the next day, you will see that an unknown opponent has made his move. Make a return, come back in a day and repeat the procedure until the game is completed, and the prize is on the board – the drawing of the SHIZAbomb.

Sword EXPalibur

Sword EXPalibur

In the game, you can get a weapon called EXPalibur – a reference to the legendary Excalibur, the sword of King Arthur. And yes, it will also have to be pulled out of the stone. The stone itself is located outside the city and rises only slightly above sea level.

This sword belongs to me

Swimming to the stone, you will see a corpse pierced by a sword. Ignore him and start drawing your sword. The process is not fast and will take at least a couple of minutes of real time, so be patient. When your efforts are finally successful, jump to the side, because the corpse will suddenly burst into flames. Burning to the ground, he will leave behind a drawing of the sword.

EXPalibur is a good sword, but it has an unpleasant feature that makes it not such a good weapon: it cannot be repaired, and this at a relatively low durability indicator of 7 units. Fortunately, according to the drawing, you can assemble a new one, although the quality is worse.

Machete Korek

Machete Korek

How nice it is to get an immb weapon as soon as you start playing, and not worry about your safety at least in the early stages. In Dying Light, this is also possible – there is a powerful machete that can be obtained at the very beginning of the game.

You need to look for it on the roof of an abandoned building in the shape of the letter C. Use the outer part of the air conditioning system to climb up from there using parkour.

Box with pink lock

At the top there will be several boxes stacked on top of each other. Climb up them and look for a blue toolbox. Kick it 40 times and it will open up and you will get a great machete with 485 damage and 35 durability. And it is named after one of the developers.

Loot Cave from Destiny

Loot Cave from Destiny

Destiny players remember how one seemingly ordinary cave became almost the most popular place in the game. After all, there was a spawn zone in which, before the patch, it was possible to kill enemies immediately after the appearance and thus farm loot indefinitely. The developers of Dying Light decided to immortalize it in their game by placing a similar cave in the upper right side of the map.

To get there, make your way through the well-shaped hole and swim underwater until you arrive at a cave. Inside there will be several corpses and some plants. After a while, the message “Decide your fate. Become a legend. And collect legendary loot, ”and after him – zombies that will start crawling out from everywhere and attack in waves. After killing them all, you will see another message: “Enough! Installed patch 1.0.2. Better do some work.”

Take while they give

Collect all the loot from the zombies – among other things, there will be quite valuable things that you can then sell. Also in the cave there are chests with resources and a figurine that you can take with you.

QR code

QR code

Heading to the upper floors on the elevator, turn right as soon as you exit it and you will see a poster of Jade Aldemir on the wall. A QR code is printed in its lower right corner, by scanning which you will be taken to the website of the city of Harran.

Reference to Left 4 Dead

Reference to Left 4 Dead

After completing the prologue, you gain access to a new safe zone. Near the hideout, you can find a shop with a sign saying “Left 4 Bread”. An obvious reference to the famous zombie game, Left 4 Dead.

Plants Vs Zombies

Plants Vs Zombies

During the On the Air mission, when you prevent the city from being bombed, you can zipline down from the tower towards the rocky area. From there, go forward, climb up the small wall and move to the right until you see a poisonous orange flower.

A flower with interesting properties

Interacting with the flower will take you to the local version of the Plants Vs Zombies game world, with giant plants and waves of zombies coming.

PvZ, now in 3D

While having fun, don’t forget that the zombies are still hostile to you and don’t let them get too close to you.

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