Dysmantle Zombie Survival Game Coming Next Week

Dysmantle is expected to release on iOS. On Android, pre-registration is still available.

Dysmantle is a survival game on PC that will be transferred to smartphones. In April, we said that a TapTap page appeared for the game with early registration for Android. It turned out that the iOS version can overtake it – a page appeared for it in the App Store with a release next week, namely – May 19th. This is a premium project with a price tag of 899 rubles and without Russian localization.

Dysmantle can offer almost complete destruction of objects and battles with wild creatures. As we progress, we will explore the open world and capture territories. To show who’s in charge here, you can build outposts and craft weapons, tools, clothes, and decorations in them. Well, if you want to start a post-apocalyptic zoo, then you need to hunt different game and tame animals. In addition, Dysmantle developers will add farming, fishing, cooking and puzzles.

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