Dysterra Survival Simulator Receives Feedback Based Improvements

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Last month, the developers of the Dysterra survival simulator conducted a closed alpha test, which collected various user reviews. Based on the feedback, the developers made several important changes, and they can be evaluated at the next stage.

Below is a short list of the main innovations in the upcoming testing phase:

  • Improved interface design.
  • Changed the way character stats and item information are displayed.
  • The ability to invite friends to the group.
  • Possibility of joint construction of housing.
  • New northern location with increased difficulty and a lot of materials.
  • The possibility of improving the structures and protection of housing.
  • A new workbench will appear for repairing weapons / armor.
  • More NPC action patterns and overall AI improvements.
  • New NPCs to match the difficulty of the location.
  • New high rank weapons and secondary weapons.
  • New armor.
  • New buffs depending on what kind of weapon you are holding.
  • The cars will need to be refueled.
  • More players can sit in one car.
  • Some of the items can be restored after death.

At the moment, the date of the next Dysterra testing is unknown. If you are not familiar with the game, then we suggest watching the recording of our stream below.

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