Early Darkest Dungeon II Coming To PC In October

The developers of Darkest Dungeon II announced that they will open access to the game at the end of October. The project will be available on PC through the Epic Games Store in Early Access.

Studio Red Hook reported on its Twitter pagethat Darkest Dungeon II will hit the Epic Games Store on October 26th. Now you can add it to your wishlist. So far, the developers do not know if they will release the game on smartphones or tablets. As you know, the original Darkest Dungeon is now available on the iPad. Of the languages ​​in the second part, English has been announced so far.

Back in the summer, Red Hook admitted that when developing Darkest Dungeon 2, she was inspired by the travels from The Lord of the Rings. That is why a group of heroes and bandits will move from location to location using a cart. Of the features, we can note random meetings with strangers and different behavior of our group members. Also, if you do not cure the character when he is about to die, he will remember this and it will come back to haunt you.

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