EA’s Knockout City attracts five million players

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More than five million people have played the multiplayer project Knockout City about dodgeball games. This was announced by the publisher Electronic Arts on the official website of the project.

“This party was unforgettable in many ways and we are so glad to see the support and positiveness pouring from you, our community! Since launch, the team has seen 5 million new bouncers play. It was amazing and unexpected: the gameplay of hundreds of thousands of groups, over half a billion knockouts, watching millions of hours of gameplay, and – dare we say it? – during this time, friendship was struck up among thousands of people. Who knew you could get close by hitting each other in the face with a ball? ”The developers say.

Knockout City was introduced in February and was developed by Velan Studios. The gameplay of the project resembles the classic children’s game of dodgeball, where you need to hit the ball at the players. Initially, the game was supposed to be paid, but later the free weekend started until May 31, and only then EA launched the free version with development to the 25th level.

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