Onefun Game studio is preparing a multiplayer project for smartphones – Echoes of Magic. The local world is made in a fantasy setting. At the very beginning, we are given to choose only the gender of the character; this is because there are no classes in the game. That is, the player can choose the path of a warrior or a magician at any time. This applies to both equipment and skills. There are more than 300 of the latter here. To level up skills, you need to combine them.

The gameplay is done in isometric format. Fans of slashers will definitely like it. Our main task is to hunt huge monsters, on the way to which, of course, there will be smaller mobs. According to the developers, the game is running OBT, which is designed for 14 days of content. Purchases are included, but it is unknown whether the wipe will progress and whether the money will be returned for them.

Echoes of Magic will be released on Android. Now you can try the OBT version through the website TapTap. There is no version information for iOS. This is a shareware project with microtransactions.

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