Electronic Arts has announced Battlefield Mobile, the game will be released in 2022 and will be very different

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Hardly anyone hoped for this, but Electronic Arts still succumbed to the trends in the world of video games: the publisher is going to release Battlefield Mobile. This is understandable, because Activision receives large sums from Call of Duty Mobile. Developed by Industrial Toys and fan-familiar DICE. It will be a separate project, like the one that appeared on the radar Apex Legends Mobile. The game is tailored purely for smartphones. The guys from EA are hinting that in Battlefield Mobile they will pull out a skill, not a donation.

That being said, Battlefield fans on major platforms shouldn’t be discouraged: Battlefield 6 is also in development. The game is tested almost every day. There will be unexpected moments, destruction of buildings, huge battles and new generation graphics.

A little incomprehensible is the phrase about the fact that the mobile version is a completely different game than on the PC and consoles. Does this mean that we will see another Call of Duty Mobile clone, only with different textures? We won’t find out until 2022, when Battlefield Mobile is going to be released. We will likely see multiple rounds of testing, as with Diablo Immortal.

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