Electronic Arts May Host Battlefield Mobile Closed Beta This Month

Recently publisher Electronic Arts held a press conference if you believe this sitewhere he announced news about Battlefield Mobile. Mobile games are now the third most profitable company for the company, so developing popular publisher franchises on smartphones seems like a smart move. So, testing of the mobile Battlefield can begin at the end of the month. At the same time, the PUBG: New State alpha test will take place. There are no specific details yet, but insiders say that EA is already conducting small tests that cannot be shown to the public, and “ordinary mortals” cannot participate in them.

In principle, this information converges with the one that we published in mid-May (test launch at the end of summer 2021). It is now known that they have been working on the project for several years. Recently, publishers have begun aggressively announcing mobile shooters: Rogue Company, Project M, Valorant Mobile, and so on.

Battlefield Mobile will be released on iOS and Android before April 2022, according to an insider Tom Henderson… It is not worth waiting for the project before January next year, also possible transfers depend on the level of the pandemic.

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