Electronic Arts May Remove Fixed Difficulty In Games, It’s Bad

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In recent years, developers have begun to focus on “live services” where microtransactions and loot boxes can be promoted. Many people remember Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and the local donation; As a result, Electronic Arts itself had to apologize and for some time completely remove the donate from the game. Now the storm clouds are coming again, only in the form of “dynamic complexity”. According to this site EA has patented the dynamic difficulty change of the game. The goal is this: the more the player spends time in the game, the better its performance. If the difficulty is too low or high, then you might not like it.

So far, this is only a patent and EA has not yet managed to use it in its games, although due to FIFA 21 on the publisher sued… The complaint stated that the game deliberately adjusts the difficulty in such a way that gamers constantly have to spend money on football players. In this light, the new patent ceases to shine with rainbow colors.

That is, if we are talking about solo adventures without online services and in-game purchases, then the dynamic complexity will allow you to enjoy the gameplay. But as soon as it comes to live services, it’s better to tie up your wallets.

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