Electronic Arts teased the date of the Battlefield 6 trailer, is it that bad?

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In English, the word “soon” probably rhymes with “June” (June). About it tweeted guys from the Battlefield development team. The gaming community has decided that this is such a teaser trailer for Battlefield 6, which we will see in June. This information is confirmed by an insider Jeff grubb… Probably Electronic Arts is doing badly with information on the game and the developers are trying to meet deadlines. If you remember, EA switched Criterion from Need for Speed ​​to the sixth Battlefield in February-March. Although for large companies this is a common practice (hello Activision and Ubisoft).

At the same time, insiders have already started leaking information about the trailer and, in general, about Battlefield 6. If you believe Mail.ruthen events will unfold in the future. We will be able to join one of the real states, including Russia. Probably the weather conditions will change on multiplayer maps: a storm begins on the island, and a tornado is raging near the space rocket.

Together with Battlefield 6, Electronic Arts is developing Battlefield Mobile. The publisher says that this will not prevent the release of the sixth part on PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, as well as on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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