Embracelet will be ported to Android by the end of this week, there is a discount on the App Store and Steam

Norwegian indie developer Machineboy may be known to you for two games: Milkmaid of the Milky Way and Embracelet. He ported the latter to iOS at the end of 2020, now it’s Android’s turn. Through your Twitter account Machineboy announced that the game will hit Google Play later this week. The project uses low-poly graphics, where we take on the role of a 17-year-old boy who receives a mysterious bracelet from his kid. He must return this accessory to the northern lands.

On the way, Jesper (the protagonist) will have many obstacles and puzzles. You need to pass them with the help of the magical powers of the bracelet. The teen will be joined by two more characters, Hermod and Caroline. While traveling, they will test their morals. By the way, Jesper will be able to move to the other world, filled with spirits.

Embracelet will be released on July 9th for Android. The App Store, Steam and Nintendo eShop now have massive discounts on this and other Machineboy projects.


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