Endless National enters CBT for iOS and Android

The historical strategy Endless National appeared in the App Store and Google Play in a number of countries. Get ready to conquer the lands and the heart of Cleopatra.

Endless National is a mobile project, an early version of which appeared in the West for iOS and Android. In essence, this is a geo-strategy with increasing production, creating an army, attracting rare generals and joining a guild. Interestingly, despite the regional launch, the developers shared the APK file and the link to TestFlight for everyone. By the way, you will receive 2,000 gold after logging in as a token of gratitude for waiting.

The developers of Endless National promise realistic battlefields – the Suez Canal, the Alps and so on. Among the nations will be Persians, Egyptians and Japanese; write in the comments if you find Peter the Great or another ruler from Slavic history. The most interesting thing is that VIP status and various accelerators will not be added to the game. On the other hand, how are developers going to make money?

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