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Enemy Front – Multiplayer

Enemy Front, in addition to an extended single-player campaign and an additional story, offers players a fairly modest multiplayer gameplay consisting of three different game modes (one server can accommodate up to 12 players).

Game modes

More people, more fun.  - Multiplayer - Enemy Front - Game Guide and Walkthrough

1. Deathmatch is a traditional game mode in which all players fight each other until a set timer expires. Each enemy kill counts and the player with the most frags wins the entire match.

2. Team Deathmatch is the second possible game mode in the game, in which two teams fight, gaining more points than the enemy team (points are awarded for kills), before the set timer expires.

3 . Radio transmission is the latest and at the same time quite original game mode, in which two teams try to maintain radio communication between two receivers for a certain period of time. The team that can hold both of these receivers and prevent them from being recaptured wins the game.

Characters and statistics

In Enemy Front, regardless of the set game mode, you will have to choose the character you want to play as during the game, as well as the equipment that you will use to destroy enemies. Importantly, all the characters differ from each other only in terms of aesthetics – they do not offer any different offensive characteristics or skills. You can choose Koser, Dietrich, Ronneberg, as well as more common units such as German soldiers or even a Polish soldier.

In terms of hardware, the differences are more noticeable. Each weapon in the game is different in some aspects and belongs to one of the three main groups. You can distinguish between the main category of weapons (pistols of all kinds), the secondary (which is used most of the time) and the additional category of weapons (for special occasions). To equip your character with a carefully selected item, you do not need to open anything or collect virtual (or real) money. All equipment available in the game is unlocked from the start.

Enemy Front has a replacement for character progression – or rather user profile – but it’s purely prestige-focused and unlocks high achievements, medals, and military ranks. Getting higher ranks, and therefore new experience levels, does not determine your overall strength or toughness of the characters you choose to play with. All achievements, rewards and saved statistics are used only to confirm the time spent in the game with other players.


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