EOS RED is a mobile MMORPG from Southeast Asia, released in early June

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Asia is about to launch another MMORPG; it’s called EOS RED. This is a rather gray horse because it is no different from other similar Asian projects. At the start, we are greeted by training, where we just poke where we are told. NPCs fight on locations, but this is so – purely decorations. The interface is overloaded with different notifications, glowing labels, level promotions, and so on. On screens with a low diagonal, it will be difficult to play this.

Our character himself runs around locations that look like an old Lineage or Perfect World. It doesn’t help that trees can disappear or appear right in front of your nose. Such a game can and should be put completely on auto-mode, otherwise, just waste your time.

EOS RED will be released on iOS and Android on June 2nd, 2021. It will happen in Southeast Asia. Now you can pre-register through TapTap… There is no information about the global version. The Google Play link leads to South Korea; Probably there the game came out a long time ago. Age rating “18+”.

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