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Equipment in World War 3 has been recreated using 3D scanners

The developers of the multiplayer shooter World War 3, which is currently being reworked, have published a new gameplay video. It is dedicated to a customization system that allows you to customize the appearance of fighters.

In order to create realistic equipment in World War 3, the artists from The Farm 51 studio used Artec 3D scanners. The team scanned many pieces of equipment, including boots and pouches. However, in some cases, the uniform was created from scratch, and some elements had to be redone altogether. In addition, the textures were created by hand.

Players will have the opportunity to combine different types of equipment, such as hats, masks or gas masks, jackets, body armor, gloves, pants, as well as body and face paint. Everyone who managed to buy the game at the early access stage will receive exclusive customization items.

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