Crania Games studio has presented its new project in “horror” – A Way to be Dead. This game is aimed at multiplayer mode where four people survive, and the fifth try them catch up and kill… The graphics and local setting will be familiar to fans of the Outlast series. The developers say that their next project is set in the universe of yet another horror. Roots of Insanity

We are promised randomly changing maps. Not only crazy doctors and patients are available from playable characters, but also zombies. We receive “therapy points”; with their help, you can pump the character. There is also interaction with the environment, as in Dead by Daylight. Before starting each session, you can configure the match: the time until the lights go out, the number of zombies, loot, and exits.

A Way to be Dead will be released on PC. Official or approximate no release date… The game can now be added to the wishlist.


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