Escape from Tarkov Guide – Helmets

Helmets in the game are a mandatory addition to the torso protection, which we talked about in the previous Escape from Tarkov guide – body armor. Perhaps they do not protect as effectively as breastplates, but in the case of Tarkov, any protection is always better than none.

The heads of the characters are conditionally divided into five regions: the crown, the back of the head, the ears, the eyes, and the jaws. A direct hit on any of them means death. The more elements of the head are covered, the more chances players have to survive a headshot.

Headgear stats are marked by durability, movement penalties, number of protected areas (most only cover the top, back of the head, and ears by default), ergonomics, and compatibility with other devices. In addition, there are indicators of sound insulation and a chance of rebound.

The first parameter affects the muffling of external sounds, and the second promises the likelihood that the bullet will bounce when it hits the helmet. The fighter in this case will receive a shell shock, but will not receive damage.

First class helmets

Headset tank TSh-4M-L – has a margin of safety one hundred, does not give any penalties to the player and has a high chance of bullet ricochet. However, the headset strongly jams the environment and is not compatible with other devices.

Second class helmets

Helmet shockproof “Cap 1” – Total 25 strength points, -2% to the speed -one% to agility and has a low ricochet chance. Soundproofing is high, compatible with K1C visor.

Fireman’s helmet – It has 40 points of durability, low chance of ricochet, covers the back of the head, ears and top, does not penalize running speed, on 12% cuts turning speed. The visor is not removable.

Helmet PSh-97 “Jeta” – in stock 65 armor points, no run penalties, -13% to the turn.

Helmets of the third class

Helmet Kiver-M – It has 35 strength, -3% to running speedfive% to the turn. Keever has an average chance of ricochet, you can mount an armored visor that will protect your eyes and jaws and will reflect a bullet with a high probability.

Combined-arms protective helmet 6B47 “Warrior-BSh”25 strength, -one% running, -five% turn. No soundproofing, compatible with tactical headphones. The chance of ricochet is high.

Helmet of the UN contingent in Tarkov25 strength points, -2% speed, -0.1% mobility. High ricochet chance, low sound isolation, headphone compatible.

Helmet SSSH-94 “SPHERE-S”one hundred strength, -2% running speed, -one% turn. Medium ricochet chance, high soundproofing.

DEVTAC Ronin ballistic helmet60 reservation points, -five% to the speed -one% to agility. The ricochet chance is low, but covers the entire head of the helmet.

Helmet LShZ – strength thirty, -one% to running speed -7% to the turn. Closes only the top and back of the head. Compatible with headphones, visor, visor and additional armor from Ops-Core. The ricochet chance is low.

SSH-68 helmet with balaclava – armor thirty, -2% running speed, -8% turn. Closes only the top and back of the head. High ricochet chance.

Fourth class helmets

Helmet Ops-Core Fast MT SUPER HIGH CUT – strength 40, -one% to the speed -7% to the turn. Compatible with modifications from Ops-Core. High ricochet chance. Protects only the back of the head and the top of the head.

Helmet ZSH-1-2M – armor thirty, -3% speed, -8% mobility. Compatible with armored visor ZSh-1-2M. Average chance to reflect a projectile.

Helmet Highcom Striker ULACH IIIA38 reservation points, -2% run, -one% turn. The helmet has a high ricochet chance. Closes only the top and back of the head. Can be worn with headphones.

Helmet Highcom Striker ACHHC IIIAthirty strength, -2% speed, -7% turn. A little lighter than a fellow and also covers only the top and back of the head. The chance of ricochet is high. Headphones can also be used.

Helmet Mask-1Sch60 strength, -3% run, -6% mobility. Medium ricochet chance and high soundproofing. You can insert the Mask-1Sch armored visor with an average probability of reflecting a projectile aimed at the face.

Crye Precision Airframe Helmet40 durability, no penalties to running speed, -3% to the turn. High ricochet chance. Compatible with Ops-Core FAST headphones and visor. Closes only the top and back of the head.

Helmet MSA ACH TC-2001 MICH Series – strength 25, -2% to run -8% to the turn. High ricochet chance. Compatible with headphones. It has a modification of 2002 with a strength parameter increased to 27. Covers only the top of the head and the back of the head.

Helmet BNTI LSHZ-2DTM55 reservation points, -3% to running speed -15% to the turn. With a high probability will reflect the projectile. You can’t wear headphones with it, but you can also put an armored visor with a high ricochet rate.

Team Wendy EXFIL Ballistic Helmet45 strength, -one% speed, -6% turn. High ricochet chance. Compatible with headphones and branded armored visor. Closes only the top and back of the head.

Helmet MSA Gallet TC 800 High Cutthirty strength, -2% running speed, -8% turn. High chance to reflect the projectile. Closes the top and back.

Class 5 helmets

Armored helmet Altyn45 strength, -7% to running speed -17% to eagerness. The chance of ricochet is high. You can install the Altyn armored visor. Helmet not compatible with headphones.

Sixth grade helmets

Armored helmet Vulkan-5 (LShZ-5)55 strength, -7% run, -24% turning speed. Compatible with personalized armored visor. Perfectly reflects projectiles.

Which helmet do you prefer?

The game provides a fairly extensive selection of options for head protection. As usual, you should pay attention not only to the class and parameter of protection, but also to the chance of a rebound, the price tag, as well as the ability to modify protection or use it with headphones.

In this case, there will be no universal advice for a beginner. Buy what you can afford. Try to pick up protection with maximum coverage, improve helmets and don’t set yourself up – even Vulkan-5 does not guarantee you survival in case of a direct hit to the head.

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