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Escape from Tarkov is a deep game with a complex in-game economy, elaborate equipment system and hardcore gameplay. Many interface elements familiar to Fortnite and Call of Duty players are simply missing here.

Beginners have to learn to listen to their surroundings, interact with teammates and, of course, navigate the terrain. Knowing the cards is critical in this game, so we have prepared some tips for each of them.

The maps in Escape from Tarkov are quite unique and complex, and it will take you some time to get to grips with everything. Some locations are more beginner friendly than others. In this guide, we will go over the basics and tell you which locations to go to at the beginning of the game, and which ones to go with confidence in your abilities.

We have also published all the maps available in the game. In Tarkov, you can buy the same ones to always have at hand, but keep in mind that you will not find any arrows with pointers to them. This guide will be updated as new locations are released.

Escape from Tarkov – maps

At the time of writing, seven different maps are available in the game, five more are in development. There are a few things to keep in mind before embarking on a raid:

  • You will not have a mini-map – you will have to use a physical map to navigate the terrain, and choose the direction based on landmarks. If you have the opportunity, display the map on a separate monitor or other device so you don’t get distracted from the raid.
  • Some cards are great for beginners, while others will seriously increase the barrier to entry into the game. You should not, for example, break into a spacious area if you are not sure that you can find your way there.
  • The best way to get used to the map is to start the game with bots. In this case, you won’t lose your equipment even if you get killed, but you will aim, inspect the caches and remember the key objects.


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The Factory is one of the smallest maps in Escape from Tarkov, but still quite large compared to many other games. All the action takes place inside, PMCs and wild ones have three exit points each. For evacuation through the basements and gate No. 0, special keys will be required.

A rather dark map with a huge number of places and rooms where, when confronted with an enemy, you will have to engage in close combat. Events at the plant are developing quite cheerfully, which can end badly for the recruits. One of the gaming maps where headphones really come in handy.

Since the map is small, you should be extremely careful when firing – do not shoot unless absolutely necessary, the noise will spread throughout the location and give away your location. Keep your cool and do what you came for.


Picture 4 7 Fortnite Season 9 Weekly Challenges

The customs house is much larger than the plant and quite densely built up. Here you will find storage facilities, a river and a bridge, several buildings of two and three floors, gas stations, construction sites and even military checkpoints. There are a lot of interesting things on this map, so the matches last much longer.

Customs is a good place for beginners to get used to the different types of gameplay, but it’s easy to get lost here if you play randomly. Try picking a specific area to explore first and find it on the map before moving on.

On the territory of the gas station or in the hostel, a dangerous boss spawns – a group of four heavily armored guards, and at the checkpoint there are usually quite a few wild ones roaming around.

This location has eight exits for PMCs and a huge number for the wild, so you do not have to embark on a long journey with the loot to arrive at the nearest one. Another bonus – most of them do not require additional gestures. Only one exit is paid for operatives.


Picture 5 15 Fortnite Season 9 Weekly Challenges

Compared to customs, the forest is a fairly simple location, and the matches there last quite a long time. The main area is occupied by a forest and a vast coastal zone of Lake Dalnee. There are several open fields and hills on the territory, a sawmill loved by the wild and a number of secret bunkers scattered around the map.

Almost all the action here takes place outside the buildings, so the best choice in the forest will be a weapon that strikes at medium and long distances. The map is full of natural cover, but do not underestimate the skills of snipers. Be extremely careful in open spaces, if possible – avoid.

There are seven retreat points for PMCs, but some of them are not open to everyone. So, to use the southern exit, you will have to pay several thousand rubles, and to evacuate through the Boar Fang, you will need an ice ax and paracord.


Picture 6 4 Fortnite Season 9 Weekly Challenges

One of the largest maps in Escape from Tarkov, located on the seashore. Despite the fact that there is a lot of time for exploration, keep an eye on your watch – it may happen that you have to cover a large distance to escape, and an awkward rush can easily attract enemies.

The card has a rather unique design and dense content. There is a town and a small sunken village, a massive pier, a radio station and a rather spacious sanatorium that could become a separate map – it is so big.

There are only five free evacuation points on the location, and this is not so much, considering its size. Therefore, try to quickly orient yourself when you appear and explore the area near the exit. The coast is perfect for beginners who are hungry for resources.


Picture 7 15 Fortnite Season 9 Weekly Challenges

A large-scale map for duels inside the building, consisting mainly of a shopping center – a massive three-story complex with a huge number of shops inside. For those who want to avoid firefights in confined spaces, there are roads around the structure, underground parking and a go-kart track.

Behind the shopping center is a thermal power plant that feeds the complex. Applying power will allow access to a number of locked rooms, but will also activate alarms in some stores, which can be manually disabled.

The denouement is well suited for shootouts, but newcomers are easily disorientated. To effectively raid here, you will have to carefully study the entire map, the location of useful objects and places where other players are more likely to meet.

Another unpleasant moment is that the operatives have only three exits here, and the wild ones have two, which makes it easy to stumble upon an ambush during a late evacuation.


Picture 8 5 Fortnite Season 9 Weekly Challenges

The laboratory is a large underground complex located under the very center of Tarkov. According to unconfirmed reports, this is where Terra Group Labs conducted its secret high-tech research.

The map is filled with a huge amount of the most valuable loot, but insurance does not work here – in case of death, all the fighter’s equipment will disappear with him. Due to the abundance of corridors and rooms, players will have to prepare for skirmishes at medium and close range.

There are seven evacuation points from this area, but be aware that when you try to get out through the hangar or parking lot in the complex, the warning system is triggered. Very generous with useful items and extremely dangerous card.


Picture 9 11 Fortnite Season 9 Weekly Challenges

Another medium-sized map, which has quite a lot of both open spaces and structures of various scales. If you’re good at fighting at medium to long range, this is a great place to start.

It is best to act carefully – there are enough shelters on the map, try to hide and monitor the movement of opponents. Wait until they open for a shot and don’t make too much noise. The location has a lot of provisions, resources and medicines.

Several evacuation points are available for PMCs, some of which will require certain conditions to be met to exit. For example, evacuation through a sewer hatch will be possible only if you do not have a backpack, and an armored train arriving at the repair depot stands for a long time before being sent.

On the Web, there are several resources with interactive maps, thanks to which you can navigate the keys and evacuation areas. But even if there are such, during the game in the first person, everything looks very different. Explore the locations on your own and find personal routes that will allow you to effectively escape from Tarkov.

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