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Before entering the raid, each player is forced to pass an equipment test. A novice unknowingly may have difficulties already at this stage of the game. Especially for those who want to get into the fight faster, we have prepared a quick start guide for Escape from Tarkov.

With each patch, Escape from Tarkov gets better and starts to attract more streamers and players. Against the backdrop of an active influx of recruits and the hardcore nature of the project, it would be appropriate to talk about how to simplify entry into the game.

In this guide, we will briefly talk about the basic principles of equipping a fighter before a raid, as well as help you choose the optimal, balanced and cost-effective body kit for a quick start in the game.

The main items of equipment in Tarkov are weapons, modifications, medicines and armor. Almost everything you need is easily purchased from merchants or at a flea market – a local flea market. By the way, it is more profitable to buy from players than from NPCs.

If you know in advance what to look for in stores, you can quickly and relatively cheaply prepare your fighter for a raid. In this guide, we will go over each category of equipment and offer you effective and inexpensive solutions to choose from.


A very important element that will directly affect the effectiveness of your hits on the enemy. High penetration ammo will deal more damage to unprotected flesh, while armor piercing ammo will be able to pierce through the protective elements of the equipment.

Beginners are advised to focus on ammo with good armor penetration. Although their damage is not so high, but the projectile is more likely to hit the enemy.

Among other things, you need to learn how to balance price and performance, because not all cartridges are worth the requested money. Focus on the penetration parameter in the region of 40+ and do not chase the most expensive offers. Read more about ammo in the guide Escape from Tarkov – the best ammo.


A matter of preferences and opportunities, which often do not coincide. Newcomers who have reached the market often rush in for shopping without a clear idea of ​​the value and quality of the options offered.

Vendors and merchant players really have a lot of interesting and useful offers regarding weapons, including those for beginners. Here are a few options, the prices of which may vary, but are often kept within reasonable limits, and there is no doubt about the effectiveness of this weapon:

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  • ADAR carbine – A popular assault rifle on the market. Not expensive and quite effective. Perfect for beginners who have not yet decided on preferences. The advantage is that ADAR feels great without the insane amount of modifications, you just need to buy an optical sight for it to comfortably raid on different maps, changing the shooting distance.
  • AK-74 – an affordable and very common option with budget sights. Perfect for undertakings to earn money for a body kit or another more effective weapon.
  • Self-loading carbine “Vepr Hunter”, with which you can practice your precision shooting. Flexible mount allows you to attach any convenient optics to the weapon.

If you have already saved up some money, but still can’t choose the right gun, check out our Escape from Tarkov guide – the best weapon to make sure you don’t miscalculate.


Mods of course will depend primarily on what kind of gun you use, so you still have to experiment. Here are a few recommendations on those body kits that you should pay attention to in the first place:

  • Muzzle brake compensator PWS CQB severely reduces weapon recoil.
  • Collimator (Red Dot) scopes are extremely useful and cheap options for almost any weapon designed for short and medium ranges.
  • RBP or Recoil pad – very effectively control the recoil and ergonomics of the weapon, which is extremely useful for beginners in the game.
  • Experiment with body kitsfound during raids – this will expand your understanding of the basic principles of how various elements work.


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Another item of equipment in Escape from Tarkov, which is not the most accessible at first, but must be mastered. There are not so many budget and at the same time effective options in the game, here are a couple of tips for the primary choice:

Bulletproof vests:

  • 6B3TM – an excellent bronik, available at quite reasonable prices. In addition, it sometimes comes across as equipment from the wild, which gives you the opportunity to get hold of an intact piece of armor and pay nothing for it.
  • 6V515 – armor of the fourth class with a durability parameter of 40, which gives quite a lot of protection. Long lasting, effective, great choice for most situations.


  • SSh-68 – armor for the head of the third class with a high probability of reflecting the projectile. It has a low price and availability, which makes it an excellent choice for the entry level.


Never go on a raid without a first aid kit. In Tarkov, there are many medicines for various situations – some are affordable, others cost fabulous money. Fortunately, most injuries can be mended on a budget:

  • Painkillers – a cheap, but very effective option so that your fighter can get to the rescue exit, even if he is seriously injured. They won’t save you, but they will buy you the time you need to evacuate.
  • Car first aid kit restores 220 health points and is relatively affordable. Optimal balance between price and performance.
  • First aid kit AI-2 Great for dealing with minor injuries without using up your first aid kit. In addition, it is applied quite quickly and can even be used in a firefight. Not so cheap, but definitely useful.
  • Fracture splint accordingly neutralizes the effect of limb fracture. They cost moderately and will help you get to a safe area. Be sure to carry several in a container.

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Backpack and headphones

The last two important pieces of equipment in Escape from Tarkov. Headphones will come in very handy even in the early stages of the game, so it is highly recommended to consider purchasing them. The backpack can often be removed from the body of a killed wild or other player, budget offers are also easy to find at a flea market.

The game really has a lot of things, for each item described there is a huge number of options and the range continues to grow. If you are not yet too familiar with the features of the game and plan to get down to action as soon as possible, be guided by our guide.

Remember that these are only basic recommendations – you still have to choose the optimal equipment that fully meets your personal preferences. You can find other tips for beginners in the appropriate section on our website.

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