Eve Echoes celebrates 2nd anniversary with the biggest expansion ever

Publisher NetEase Games is going to celebrate 2 years of Eve Echoes in a big way. The largest event “The Sleeper” was launched yesterday.

On August 3rd, the celebration of the 2nd anniversary of Eve Echoes, the space sandbox for smartphones, began. The developers promise new gameplay and the ancient race “The Sleepers”, which returned as enemies. In addition, players will be able to participate in the “Dormant Realm” challenge. In fact, this is a PvE raid with bosses of different difficulty levels; the higher, the greater the reward for winning. NetEase assures that this is a great way to accumulate new items, Implants.

Implants in EVE Echoes appeared with the advent of the race “The Sleepers”. These are improvements that offer up to 12 different abilities, and players are free to choose which development path to take. You can also participate in the “The Voyage Ceremony” event, which starts on August 19th. As the name suggests, this will be a ceremony where players from different corporations will be able to show off their agility and what they have achieved in the 2 years of EVE Echoes’ existence. Cherry on the cake – the parade will be broadcast on YouTube.

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