EVERCORE Heroes From Former Riot Games And EA Employees Officially Announced

Studio Vela Games, which includes former employees of Riot Games and Electronic Arts, has officially announced the EVERCORE Heroes project, formerly known under the working title Project-V. Along with this, the game received the first cinematic trailer, which features a remake of the song “All for One” by Hidden Citizens ft. hael.

EVERCORE Heroes is a session PvE game with MOBA elements in which four players team up with each other and go on various missions. There are several heroes with unique features to choose from, upgraded during the match. You will have to fight in a variety of conditions, from cold forests and snowy peaks to deep jungles and lush fantasy gardens.

“Our goal has always been to create a game that players really want, even if it means breaking the mold,” said Vela Games CEO and co-founder Travis George. “In EVERCORE Heroes, we are creating a unique multiplayer experience that combines skill-based co-op and competitive play in a new way. And after over two years of great feedback from early testing, we’re excited to finally share the game with the world.”

You can try out EVERCORE Heroes this month. Pre-alpha testing of the game will take place from October 13 to 16, and you can apply for participation on the official website.

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