Everything you need to know about Diablo Immortal: classes, demons, co-op, history, and more

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Diablo Immortal is getting closer and closer to release. During all this time, a lot of information has been collected. What is only BlizzConline, where Blizzard dumped a sea of ​​information on mobile Diablo. Here we will collect all the official information. In order not to miss other news on Immortal, you can subscribe to it. This is done through the game page.

What we’re going to talk? About leveling, co-op and PvP, local lore and classes. We will also touch on the topic of free-2-play and how this can affect the experience of the players. After all, do not forget that initially the game was considered an “April Fool’s joke”. Go!


Fast forward to Diablo II. There Diablo dies, his soul stone is broken in the Hell’s Forge. In the Lord of Destruction expansion, Baal desecrates the stone of the universe. This forced Tyrael to destroy the stone. Before Immortal, in Diablo III, we jumped into the future when a star fell on New Tristram, heralding the end of time. In the Reaper of Souls expansion, we stop the Archangel of Death and fulfill our destiny.

So, Diablo Immortal settled between Lord of Destruction and Diablo III. Everything is simple here: fragments of the stone of the universe spread corruption; it attracts demons and the rest of the hellish spirits. Players will meet Deckard Cain, who has become the face of the franchise.


Blizzard gives you a total of six classes to choose from. The first one is the Barbarian. He has three abilities:

  • Hammer of the Ancients – Summons a huge hammer that deals damage to enemies in front of the barbarian
  • Spear on a chain – the barbarian throws a spear, damaging and pulling enemies towards him
  • Vortex – the character spins up, moves and inflicts damage on everyone who stands nearby

Next comes the monk. His strong point: a swift series of blows. Abiloks are also three:

  • Wave of Light – crush enemies with AoE damage
  • Hurricane strike – casts a whirlwind that attracts opponents and deals damage to them
  • Seven cardinal points – quickly bounces seven times from enemies and reduces their HP

The sorcerer follows. He manipulates magic, turns demons into brittle ice, or sets them on fire. He has the following abilities:

  • Meteorite – huge AoE damage
  • Teleportation – jumps to the desired point
  • Flash of lightning – fires lightning in all directions

The Demon Hunter is adept at using a crossbow. He lost relatives, so he kills demons in batches. We look at the skills:

  • Downpour of Vengeance – hail of arrows
  • Pendulum of death – swings on a rope, deals damage and does not allow itself to be attacked
  • Knockback Shot – Deals damage to dark energy and knocks back the enemy

The last were the crusader and the necromancer, but their abilities have not yet been revealed.


At launch, it will hardly be possible to knock off the gamepad, especially on Android devices. At the same time Blizzard promises “authentic” gameplay. The interface looks like Black Desert Mobile, but not so busy. In general, you should not worry about this: Wyatt Cheng, who runs the development of Immortal, has already tested local raids, sitting in the park with a dog.


Players will find new challenges in each zone. These are the city of Wortem, the jungle of the Wicked Isle, the library of Zoltun Kull, the Shassar Sea, the tomb of Fakhir and so on. Gamers are not tied to the story and can go through it in any order. Together with other players, you can explore the dungeons of Sanctuary, as well as participate in historical events. The plot is filled with cut scenes, and random events will appear on locations. For example, a world boss can only be defeated in a group. The largest gathering will take place in Westmarch. There is a player’s chest, as well as merchants.


From bosses and other powerful creatures, we will meet the following guys:

  • Manoruk – court magician Leoric, who became his first victim
  • Baal – one of the three incarnations of the One Evil. Managed to desecrate the stone, and also revels in absolute destruction
  • Leoric – a mad king and a terrible tyrant. Maddened by Diablo
  • Spooky wagon – transports the souls of the dead, found in Ashwold Cemetery. Her path is unknown, and the ghost passengers are bloodthirsty
  • Fallen matron of war – a demon that is difficult to cope with in solo. At the head of the fallen minions, it grows even stronger

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