Evil Genius 2: minions guide

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In Evil Genius 2, the player will have to command entire hordes of minions to implement their insidious plans. In fact, they form the circulatory system necessary for the efficient operation of the lair. To make the best use of your minions, it is important to understand their functions and the roles of the various specialized classes.

All minions in Evil Genius 2 are divided into four main classes:

  • workers
  • guards
  • deceivers
  • Scientists

And here’s everything you need to know about them.


The simplest minions are Workers in yellow overalls. They cost nothing and in fact are consumables, but without them the lair will not be able to work and develop. A sufficient number of Workers is the key to the success of the plans of the evil genius.

Workers build rooms, place and operate equipment, put out fires, dispose of corpses, escort and interrogate captured agents, travel the world performing shenanigans, train to specialized classes, and fend off uninvited enemies.

In combat, the Workers won’t last long, but at least they’ll buy time for your Lair Guards, Minions, and Genius himself to retaliate. These basic functions can be performed by almost all specialized classes, but only Workers can build rooms.

If one of the Workers proves to be more useful than the average guy in the yellow overalls, they can be retrained into one of the three main specialized classes: Guard, Trickster, or Scientist. These minions usually need to be paid, are no longer consumables like Workers, and are designed for special tasks that Workers do poorly or don’t know how to do at all.


Evil Genius 2: minions guide

The guards are the security forces or a kind of immune system of the lair. Of all the specialists, they are the most sharpened for a specific task – this is defense against enemy agents. They can still be used for Global Shenanigans, disposal of corpses and interrogation of prisoners, but the main function remains to ensure security.


Evil Genius 2: minions guide

The deceivers will be located and work in the casino, which acts as a cover for the lair. They will be the first line of soft defense against agents of the Law Forces. While Guards prefer a direct and brutal approach to eliminating threats, Tricksters will evade combat and interfere with identified agents or distract them so that they leave the player alone. In addition, the Deceivers can earn decent money through fronts if they are instructed to swindle tourists for money.


Evil Genius 2: minions guide

Where Guardians and Deceivers keep the lair safe, the Scientists are much closer to their humble fellow workers and serve to keep the lair up and running. Similar to the Tricksters, the Scientists will avoid combat, focusing on repairing damaged items, carrying items to their lair, and researching new technologies in order to open up new possibilities for the player.

A successful lair and plans for world domination cannot rely on just one type of minion. This is teamwork, even if the team and supplies – no one can be as important as the genius himself, right? The key to Evil Genius 2 is understanding the functions and capabilities of each type of minion and finding the optimal balance to meet all the needs of the lair.

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