Exclusive interview with Teamfight Tactics developers

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Auto-battler Teamfight Tactics continues to evolve and already on April 28 will receive another set called “Confrontation”. In honor of this event, we decided to contact the developers at Riot Games and ask them a few questions, including about the upcoming update. What came of it – you will find out in this exclusive interview from the portal.

Hello. Thank you very much for agreeing to give an interview to our portal. To begin with, please tell us about yourself. What position do you hold at Riot Games and what are you responsible for?

TJ Bourus: TJ Bourus, Teamfight Tactics Product Owner.

While other auto-battles are dwindling in popularity, Teamfight Tactics still manages to stay afloat and receive regular updates. What do you think is the secret of success?

TJ Bourus: Of course, there are several reasons for the continued success of TFT, but one of the most important, in our opinion, is the set system. Every few months, we update the game heavily, reworking most of the champions and mods, exploring a new world in convergence. There is always the risk of changing something too often, so we take it very carefully. But in the end, TFT provides players with new puzzles to solve with every patch, and especially every few months with new sets.

Was Teamfight Tactics an experiment that players unexpectedly liked, or did you have big plans for the game from the beginning?

TJ Bourus: The truth is probably somewhere in between. We didn’t know exactly how successful TFT would become, and the result slightly exceeded our expectations. At the same time, we had a good idea of ​​the popularity of the genre and understood that there is a good chance to make TFT the kind of game that players will love for a long time. So while the launch of TFT was a busy time with a lot of uncertainty, we’ve already started planning for the kit system and the Elements Gain Power kit.

Which platform has more players: PC or mobile?

TJ Bourus: Unfortunately, we cannot talk about exact numbers. Both platforms are successful.

What factors do you consider when developing a new kit?

TJ Bourus: The high-level goals for each set are the same: create something new that players will love and want to play. That being said, we are always exploring the possibilities for new sets, and in Confrontation we wanted to focus on increasing player freedom and combinatorics (a fancy word for more possible combinations). You can see these targets come to life in the Armory and increase the number of champions with three stats.

Why is there no mode against bots in the game, in which you can practice with different combinations? Will it appear in the future?

TJ Bourus: We talked about it. We believe that Versus Bots has value for new players as a low-stress environment to explore the game, but as a permanent mode that remains the same for all players, we do not currently plan to add.

Please tell us about the new “all-in” mode? What have you changed in it to make the matches run faster?

TJ Bourus: The duration of the all-in game is shorter due to several things, the most important of which is the amount of damage taken after losing a round. In the later stages, the damage will be quite significant and the game will end quickly. We’ve also removed most of the carousel stages and reduced the number of PvE stages.

Laboratories are a very interesting thing in Legends of Runeterra. At times, I noticed that I played in this mode much more often than in the usual one. Do you think Teamfight Tactics Laboratories can attract players as much?

TJ Bourus: Certain players, definitely. This is our hope and the reason why we make laboratories. The main Teamfight Tactics mode is very powerful and will always be the most important part of the game. However, we think there are other players who have enjoyed TFT but haven’t tried it for one reason or another. Laboratories are just for such players.

Are there any plans to release Teamfight Tactics on consoles? Now this niche is practically not occupied.

TJ Bourus: In the short term, no. We don’t think it would be very convenient to play TFT with controllers, but we want to expand our mobile offering to devices such as tablets. There are not many exits, but we still want to do this project!

During the development of Teamfight Tactics, have your goals and priorities changed?

TJ Bourus: Are you talking about a specific number of goals and tactical priorities? Yes, our ambition for the game has continued to grow, so there are many areas we want to improve following player feedback, like the competitive TFT ecosystem, but our overall vision for the game hasn’t changed. Teamfight Tactics is a unique game that provides incredible strategic depth and welcomes all players.

Thanks for answers. Please say a few words to the Russian Teamfight Tactics fans.

TJ Bourus: Thanks so much for playing TFT! Hope to see a Russian set of champions soon: D!

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