Fable 2 download torrent For PC

Fable 2 download torrent

Size: 7.30 GB

The continuation of an entertaining fantasy story, exciting from the first minutes, will delight fans. The creators have provided even more options to choose from. Apply magic spells, commit robberies, call troops and even become a king. You will wander the earth and perform various tasks.


As planned by the authors, you will become a heroic warrior who, in his own kingdom, becomes the protector of his pallets. From a tiny man you will grow into an unsurpassed warrior who can use any weapon to achieve his goal. In this issue, you can get to know the hero more thoroughly. With magical abilities and magic tricks, you can defeat hordes of ill-wishers. Do not be afraid to wallow in the abyss of loneliness, you have brave assistants – a skilled pickpocket and a stunning and fearless female warrior. Jumping from one to another in Fable 2 is not difficult even for a beginner, download via torrent and see for yourself.

Game process

First of all, master the non-standard combat system. In this toy, not only weapons are available to you, but also close fights, combo combinations, during which you can put your arms and legs into action. Do not forget about magical abilities, and boldly use spells against enemies. Here you will not only indulge in battles, but also craft and find items for pumping the main characters. Witchcraft and sorcery is what this toy is built on. Therefore, be reasonable when using magic. Sword fights look spectacular and epic. The graphics component has improved significantly compared to the previous version. The sound will also not leave you indifferent.

Interesting information

You have a chance to freely move around your territories to discover the most valuable devices. But there will be more enemies at each stage.

Distinctive features

  • Absolute freedom of movement. You decide how to develop your hero. Find things, build your life, and become a real ruler.
  • Courageous character. As you progress through Fable 2, transform from a little boy into a determined warrior, download via torrent and try yourself in this difficult task.
  • Change of action. Any stage of the toy is an unforgettable journey filled with emotions.

System requirements


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