Fable Legends download torrent For PC

Fable Legends download torrent

Welcome to the legendary role-playing game with a fantasy world, invented by the imagination of the developers. The open spaces of the Albion continent are already waiting for us in Fable Legends. You can download the torrent of the full edition with all the official patches and fixes, including the co-op mode, today. This is an MMORPG where several players can join groups, clans, and form alliances. Its development became possible due to the popularity of the third part, which was bought by about 5 million players. Rumors about the release of an online mode have been in the air for a long time, several times the project was even canceled and postponed.

Group passage

The storyline is designed for four participants at the same time. You can also play in smaller numbers: in this case, several of the heroes will be replaced by original bots with artificial intelligence and the ability to self-learn, develop and upgrade. In this case, one of you will play the role of a villain, while the other four are trying to defeat him with the combined forces of good. Locations consist of separate citadels, dungeons, catacombs, their labyrinths with deadly traps. Not everyone will be able to go through such places to the very end and stay alive. Fable Legends contains all the advantages for a quality role-playing project: there is simply nothing superfluous. Charismatic characters with a memorable appearance and character, no less attractive villains. The one who plays the role of a negative character will always be one step ahead of his opponents.

You can view hidden areas of the area, monitor enemies, control the appearance of monsters and their bosses. Arrange ingenious traps and riddles, including traps, walls that divide the team into two parts. The setting and design of the game, along with the visual style, are sustained in the best traditions of the series – fans are sure to find familiar places and many references to previous parts.

real heroes

The brave daredevils are controlled both using the keyboard and with the gamepad. Before starting the passage, after choosing a character, you can somewhat customize his appearance, set it up in such a way that it becomes the most attractive – after all, you will have to look at it almost all the time from a third-person view. Download the torrent and go on an exciting adventure in terms of its composition and content, you can already at the moment. There are 4 main character classes in Fable Legends, each of which has unique skills, strengths, weaknesses, and other features:

  • A classic dodger who masterfully wields a rapier along with throwing knives.
  • A sorceress who casts frost and frost magic.
  • A knight girl who valiantly performs the role of a “tank” in the group.
  • Drunken, rowdy mercenaries with remarkable strength.

Other games may be added as the game progresses to make online combat even smarter and more varied. The main emphasis during the passage is still made on the storyline, despite the fact that this is a session online game. This means that you can download an RPG via torrent and enjoy several hundred quests linked to each other. From time to time, players have the opportunity to choose from replicas in dialogues, to fully play out their role as a good man or a villain. According to the plot, it is a prequel, and the action of its events takes place in time before the rest of the series.


Fable Legends download torrent
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Fable Legends download torrent

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