Fallout 4: Secrets and Easter Eggs

fallout 4 power armor Fallout 4: Secrets and Easter Eggs

Curious fans of the game were able to find a lot of Easter eggs in it, but only a few managed to find them all. This is not surprising: the world of Fallout 4 is huge, you can explore it for hours, and at such a scale it is easy to pass by some implicit reference. And there are many of them, and it is sometimes not easy to find them: they hide on the roofs of buildings, under faults in the ground or even in the middle of a densely built-up city. Some, on the contrary, may be in a prominent place, but not everyone recognizes the Easter egg in them.

We have prepared for you a selection of the secrets of Fallout 4 – the list may not be comprehensive, but it includes the most interesting secret places, successful references and even a special loot. Get ready for the road – we go to see the local sights.

Secrets of Fallout 4: References to Popular Culture

A huge team of people worked on Fallout 4, and they all put a piece of themselves into the game. Including in the form of references to their favorite works of art, whether it’s cinema, literature or something else. Throughout the Commonwealth, you can find various Easter eggs, giving another reason to remember that the game was created by people, each with their own preferences and hobbies. Let’s look at some of them.

Nirna root

As you probably know, Fallout 4 was created by Bethesda. And what is Bethesda best known for? That’s right, the series The Elder Scrolls, in particular, its last part – TES V Skyrim. Not surprisingly, the developers could not resist adding an Easter egg to the game on this topic.

Skyrim’s fantasy world is full of interesting creatures, diverse races, and amazing plants. One of them can be found in Fallout 4, and in a rather unusual place: on board Pridven, the flying fortress of the Brotherhood of Steel. In the laboratory of the senior scriptor Neria grow “experimental plants”, in which the attentive eye immediately recognizes the Root of Nirn from the game about the Dragonborn. And how did he get here?

This find even gave fans the basis for reasoning about the connection between the universes of TES and Fallout. And although the theory that the action of the second franchise takes place in the future of the first is most likely very far from reality, it is possible that the root of Nirn made a journey between the worlds as a result of some magical experiments conducted by the wizards of Tamriel. And if so, who knows what else could have gotten from there into a world where war never changes…

Amontillado barrel

Amontillado barrel

In Fallout 4, there are many references to the work of various famous authors, from Howard Lovecraft to Henry Thoreau. One of them, associated with Edgar Allan Poe, is often missed by players.

By helping the Minutemen return their old base, you’ll get the chance to explore the bowels of this imposing citadel. There, deep in the basement, surrounded by his impressive collection of wine, General McGann found his final resting place. Upon closer inspection of the room, it turns out that he is not the only one who was not destined to leave the room alive.

In one of the walls behind the brickwork there is a reference to the work of Edgar Allan Poe of 1846 “The Barrel of Amontillado”. In this short story, the narrator describes how he avenged his comrade for past grievances (which could well have been imaginary), inviting him to taste expensive wine, drinking, and then walling up alive in the wall of his house. In General McGann’s room, behind the wall, a skeleton hangs on chains, which suffered the same fate – there are even bottles of the same wine nearby.

A curious fact: it is believed that Poe wrote this story under the impression of a story where soldiers in retaliation walled up alive in the wall a lieutenant who killed another lieutenant in a duel. And it happened, according to legend, in the very fort that served as the prototype for the location of the Castle. Perhaps there was no better place for such a reference.

Bar “For your health!”

Bar "For your health!"

Fallout 4 has plenty of references to movies and TV shows that were popular in the eighties, especially with English-speaking audiences. One of these series is the household comedy “Let’s Be Healthy”, where the action takes place in a bar, and its owner and bartender, Sam Melone, now and then chats with regulars Norm and Cliff.

Southwest of the Massachusetts Capitol, opposite the Swan Pond gazebo, there is an unmarked location, which is called very similarly – the bar “For Your Health!”. Inside, the atmosphere of the bar from the series is carefully recreated: there is also a fan corner dedicated to baseball, and even two familiar looking visitors behind the central counter – however, in the form of skeletons.



This Easter egg refers us to another eighty-year-old movie classic, this time much more famous. We are talking about the science fiction horror film “Alien”, which was released in 1979 (to Russia, however, he got a little later). The story of how the crew of the ship Nostromo faced a terrible threat during their space journey is familiar to many, but despite this, the reference to it in Fallout 4 is very easy to miss: it is very implicit.

If you agree to assist the Brotherhood of Steel, you will have to help its members, sometimes performing rather routine tasks. Scriptor Haylin, for example, is interested in different details that you will have to run around the Commonwealth for. Among these details are such interesting items as the “reflex capacitor” and the “flow sensor” – if you watched at least one film from the Back to the Future trilogy (another classic!), then you probably remember the “flow capacitor”, which was the main element in the design of the time machine.

The flow sensor is remarkable in that it combines two references at once. And if the first one, which we just mentioned, is immediately visible from the title, then the second is difficult to notice if you are not a big fan of Alien. Note the serial number of the device: CM-88B 180924609. Nostromo had exactly the same registration number. That’s how they hid it.

Blade Runner

Blade Runner

Even in Fallout 4 there are references to the equally iconic “Blade Runner”, and not one, but as many as two. The first can be seen in Diamond City, if you take a little time and walk through local shops and stalls. In the center of the market you will find a food store “Energetic Noodles”, which is run by the robot Takahashi. If you say hello to him, he will answer “Nan-ni shimasu-ka” (can you translate as “what do you want?”), the same question was asked to Harrison Ford’s character Deckard in the noodle at the beginning of the film, and also a robot.

Another reference is harder to find. Go to the Mass Fusion warehouse, which is located between Breakhart Banks and General Atomics Gallery, go around the building and see a pipe through which you can climb to the roof. There’s a scene from the ending of Blade Runner: a disconnected synth kneeling, and in front of it is the corpse of a raider in familiar clothes. Even the arrangement of the bodies here is straight from the movie, only there Deckard survived the meeting on the roof, and his local version, alas, was not so lucky.



And one more movie reference. Perhaps everyone has heard about the Titanic – and about the ill-fated liner itself, and about the film of 1997, where a love story unfolds against the background of its crash. The scene where Jack and Rose find themselves together for the last time has become the most memorable in the film, and one of the most tragic in the movie.

The development team of Fallout 4 decided not to leave it without attention and added a corresponding reference in the Far Harbor add-on. Once in Far Harbor, approach the lake just north of the Core and see a familiar picture: a door floats on the surface of the water, and on it there are two skeletons, one lying on top, the other clinging to the edge and waist deep in the water. Ironically, this time on an improvised raft there would definitely be enough space for two, but in the end no one was saved.

Die Hard and Lethal Weapon

Die Hard and Lethal Weapon

Yes, it seems that the developers at Bethesda just love the films of the eighties, including action movies. References to them are found all over the world of Fallout 4, and here is one of them, which can be found at the BCOANTOLO Regional Office, northwest of Bunker Hill.

The reference is hidden in the terminal, among the entries in the diary of the police chief. In one of them, the chief complains about two officers from among his subordinates: Willison and Gibbs. It turns out that Willison can’t work in such a way as not to damage private property, and Gibbs constantly puts his life in danger.

Here we mean the main characters of two famous action movies of the eighties: “Die Hard” and “Lethal Weapon”. The first – detective John McClain, who likes to drink, argues with his superiors and now and then leaves behind destruction – was played by Bruce Willis, and the second – a deliberately risky policeman with suicidal tendencies Martin Riggs – was embodied on the screen by Mel Gibson. Slightly changing the names of problem officers from the chief’s diary, we get the names of these two movie stars.

Child in the refrigerator

Child in the refrigerator

This Easter egg serves as both a reference and the beginning of a very entertaining side quest. In the 2008 film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the protagonist finds himself in the zone of a nuclear charge and hides in a refrigerator to escape. By some miracle, he succeeds, and after the explosion, he continues his adventures without receiving a scratch.

South of University Point and east of Jamaica Plain, you can find an unremarkable refrigerator, and in it is a boy Billy, who seems to have been inspired by a film about the great adventurer and decided to repeat his trick when nuclear warheads began to fall. He can be freed and helped to find parents who, by coincidence, are still alive and well, if you can say so about people who have turned into ghouls. Of course, they will be eternally grateful to you for the return of their boy.

This is the second reference to the scene with the refrigerator in the Fallout universe. A similar Easter egg is present in Fallout: New Vegas, only there the local imitator of Indiana was much less lucky: having found a refrigerator, the player will find that only a skeleton and a hat remained from the person who climbed into it. Apparently, not all refrigerators were equally well prepared for nuclear war…

Dunwich Drillers

Dunwich Drillers

References to literary works scattered throughout the Commonwealth can be devoted to a whole separate list. But in this collection we talk only about the most interesting of them, and here is one. This is a location marked on the map, which is called the Dunwich Drillers and is a direct reference to the work of Howard Lovecraft “The Dunwich Horror”.

The site itself, the marble quarry, is located in the northeastern part of the Commonwealth, west of hugo’s Hole and east of The Sweatshop. It is worth visiting it already, if only because inside you can find valuable items – a poop and a magazine. But the main thing here is still not this, but the terrible atmosphere in the mines, a labyrinth stretching under the quarry. Everything is very much in the spirit of Lovecraft’s stories: there is even one scene that we will not spoiler for you – it is better to see this with your own eyes.

Secrets of Fallout 4: hidden locations

Among the secrets hidden here and there throughout the map, there are not only references to culture, but also just curious places that you can accidentally stumble upon, only intentionally exploring the terrain. Most of these places are not marked, but there are also those where there is a mark, and the secret itself can be skipped if you do not look carefully. Here are some interesting Fallout 4 locations where a person usually does not step foot.

Karst “Old Throat”

Karst "Old Throat"

This location is marked on the map, and therefore it is not difficult to find it – head to the west of the greenhouse “Greentop”, and then go to the center of the residential area. It seems that due to seismic activity, a sinkhole formed there, destroying houses and communications. From the outside, the place looks just like a pit littered with debris, but everything is not so simple.

Carefully go downstairs and be prepared to meet the Claw of Death that has settled here. At the bottom, it will become clear that the sinkhole leads to an underground cave, which can be reached by jumping into the flow of water. In the cave there is a lake, several corpses, radtarakans, a cooking point and a magazine that you will definitely need. Back to the surface will have to return through the basement of the destroyed house, and here you should be careful: along the way you will meet several hostile ghouls.

Hut with cats

Hut with cats

The world of Fallout 4 is not only terrible monsters, ruthless bandits and suffering settlers. To the northeast of Walden Pond there is an inconspicuous place in which you can at least briefly, but take a break from the struggle for your life, from the constant search for resources, and at the same time from the surrounding negativity. It’s a small hut full of cats.

Here you will find a real cat kingdom, where even on the walls hang pictures with cats. You may have run past without paying attention to it, but now you know that here you can communicate with furry creatures. A very atypical place for a post-apocalyptic wasteland, which deserves a place on our list.

The Secret of Plumbing

The Secret of Plumbing

Another seemingly unremarkable but unusual place in the Commonwealth is a plumbing shop south of gravel and sand. It looks like an ordinary warehouse, yes, it is in general, but inside, on the top floor, there is an interesting secret that is easy to miss.

After dealing with the Radtarakans and neutralizing the mines scattered everywhere, pay attention to the ceiling – it flaunts a chain of plungers sucked to the back of the roof. A chain leads to wooden boards that can be shot, and then a short injection carabiner and a cache with lids will fall down. Here it is, the secret of plumber.

Labyrinth of Death

Labyrinth of Death

What about the real labyrinth of death, something along the lines of the Saw movies? In the Commonwealth, there is such a thing – a full-fledged house of horrors. The entrance to it is located between Milton Hospital and the Fallons department store, and so that you definitely do not miss it, someone carefully added pointer-pointers around.

Inside you will find traps, ghouls, labyrinths of corridors and an atmosphere to match the horror movies. If you survive, at the end of the journey you will be waiting for a reward – two boxes of loot. But it’s too early to relax – you still need to understand which of the boxes can be opened, because one of them will explode as soon as you try to climb into the other.

Rocket barn

Rocket barn

This place is not fraught with something particularly valuable: its only purpose is to surprise you and amuse you. You need to look for it northeast of the OBB-915 relay tower, this is a simple barn standing at the edge of a steep slope. Inside you will not find any special objects, or even enemies, but there will be many cylinders of propane and wooden guides looking into the sky over the Commonwealth.

Shoot the valve of one of the cylinders lying on the guides, and it will rush into the air, driven by a burning jet, and then colorfully explode. What’s the practical point? Not at all, but fun! After all, why not take a break from building settlements and shootings with raiders, and not arrange yourself a small fireworks display.

UFO crash site

UFO crash site

Southeast of Oberland Station and south of The Bintown Brewery, you can witness a truly strange phenomenon. When your character reaches level 20, a script scene will start: a strange object will appear in the sky, which at high speed will rush towards the ground, leaving a trail behind it, and eventually make a clearly not soft landing somewhere in the distance.

If you calculate the landing site, you will find a crashed UFO, and next to it is a cave. It hides a wounded alien, the pilot of a fallen car. He is hostile to anyone who approaches, so it will be easier and faster not to try to make contact, but to finish him off and search him. In the inventory of the green man there will be a powerful weapon – an extraterrestrial pistol, which is quite worth it to kill the only representative of an extraterrestrial life form in the Commonwealth.

Secrets of Fallout 4: secret loot and more

The world of Fallout 4 is full of not only dangers, but also various collectibles, magazines and rare models of weapons. Many of these items are related to quests and one way or another will come across you in the story, but some are hidden from prying eyes, and only the most curious will be able to get them. Here are a few of those trophies.

Power armor X-01

Power armor X-01

What a Fallout without power armor. Having mechanized armor can make your life much easier, making traveling to far from the friendliest places in the Commonwealth much safer. It is quite possible to get it – the armor of the classic T-60 model is found throughout the game world, and not to say that very rarely. However, if you want something cooler, you will have to look for it properly.

An excellent option for more advanced armor is the X-01 armor, parts of which can sometimes be found during their adventures. However, it takes a very long time to assemble a complete set in this way, and you can not call it reliable. It is much better to get all the armor at once, fulfilling the necessary conditions.

To the east of good neighborliness, next to Fanel Hall, is a building called “35 Court”. Inside it is dangerous, but the reward is worth the risk: after dealing with all the robot guards, you will get access to two red buttons, after clicking on which a full set of X-01 power armor will appear. However, this will only happen if your character is level 26 or higher – a low-level character is likely to get simpler armor.

Landing armour

Landing armour

There are enough high places on the territory of the Commonwealth. In the process of climbing rooftops, leaky bridges and obscenely narrow parapets, many players repeatedly fell down, and the meeting with the ground was not pleasant. It is especially dangerous to climb up for those who are too impatient to gently go down in the way that the game implies.

Fortunately, there is a modification of the armor just for such cases – “Landing Armor”. With it, you can fall from any height and not take damage. You can get it only in one place – on the top floor of the Mass Fusion building, which is located north of the Neighborliness and west of Fanel Hall.

To get there in an honest way, you will need power armor with a jetpack, so if you have not yet pumped the character to the desired level, it is better to return there later. If you have everything you need, rather run to the top floor and take this useful set of parts from the locked safe.

Grognak the Barbarian Armor

Grognak the Barbarian Armor

In the most colorful area of the Fallout 4 map lurks a small comic book store Hubris Comics. To get inside, find the bright red door near Swan Pond, west of boyleston’s club, but be prepared to encounter a huge number of ghouls.

On the top floor of the collapsing store, you can find a couple of special things. At the back of the room, where the most dangerous ghoul is hiding, there will be a Silver Cloak costume along with weapons. Even if you haven’t started the quest associated with this character yet, items will be considered quests, and they will not be removed from the inventory. However, the costume can be worn and flaunted on the territory of the Commonwealth in the stylish image of a crime fighter.

In another part of the room, in the open lockers next to the windows, you will find an even more unusual outfit – the costume of Grognak the Barbarian. This armor (if a loincloth, gloves and boots can generally be called armor) not only attracts the eyes, but also gives you a bonus to damage in close combat.

And on the first floor of the building in a closed showcase lies the final touch to the image of the barbarian – grognak’s battle axe, which, although it is a prop in the plot, but causes enemies quite real damage, and also causes them to bleed and overwhelm. The season of murderously realistic cosplay is declared open!

Volt-Tech Phone Number

Volt-Tech Phone Number

This secret isn’t about loot, but it’s still worth mentioning. Several times during the game you will have the opportunity to visit the former home of your character and look around. Despite the fact that the world survived a nuclear war, some pieces of furniture and furnishings in the house remained intact, albeit they lost their former gloss.

One of these well-preserved attributes of the pre-war period is the Walt-Tec calendar, still hanging on the refrigerator. It would seem to be an ordinary decoration, of which there are a lot in the game, but only on it the phone number of the corporation is indicated, and it is not surprising that there were players who decided to call it.

The number itself, 1-888-4-VAULTTEC, is longer than standard American phone numbers. However, if you try to contact him, it will give a result: you will be greeted by a voice message in the subject of the game and will be informed that the line is busy due to an unexpected influx of calls. A trifle, it would seem, but nice – with it the world of Fallout 4 seems a little more real. Just keep in mind that calling to another continent, at least in the traditional way, is a very expensive enterprise, so it’s better to just take our word for it.

Unknown secret

"The players will find them sooner or later. While there's one good secret that no one really discussed... it's in one of the terminals"

Among the secrets of Fallout 4, there is one in whose existence many players do not even believe. Still: after all, there were plenty of people who wanted to comb every corner of the game world in search of everything that the developers could hide, but for countless hours spent, no one found this particular secret. This conclusion can be drawn from the words of Fallout 4 producer Todd Howard, uttered in 2016 at the DICE summit.

Since then, the secret has haunted the fans. They turned upside down all the terminals, secret locations and underground tunnels of the Commonwealth, but never found anything like it. Well, maybe when you’re done traveling to all of the attractions on our today’s list, you’ll be lucky enough to find it. Someone has to solve the last mystery of Fallout 4 sooner or later.

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