Fallout 76 – how to get and where to find firewood

Immediately after leaving Vault 76, we will be paying a lot of attention to resources.

The most needed resource is wood.

The game doesn’t tell us how to get firewood.

How to get firewood

There are three main ways to harvest wood. Of course, in addition to them, sometimes you can find several pieces of wood in some kind of container or chest.

In addition, we can get a tree just by looking under our feet. When driving off-road, pay attention to the logs. They are easy to miss. From one log we usually collect 6-8 pieces of wood.

The second way is to process items. A baseball bat, a wooden figurine or even a pencil, after processing at a crafting station – for example, in a DIY workshop – we can get wood from them.

There is also a third way available from experience level 5. Then we can trade with other players and exchange items. However, you must use voice to communicate with a potential companion.

To start trading, simply point at a player at close range and select the Offer Trade option.


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